Perfume Edit: The New Wintery Scents

As winter beckons, we dutifully assemble a bounty of colder-month essentials: plum lipsticks, rich creams, burgundy nails, darker locks and reach for the headier, spicy fragrances. But, before you go blindly into the base notes of woody musks encased in dark flacons, take heed of the cold season's perfume palette of creams, nudes and blushes holding a new brand of winter scent: light and feminine but with just enough punch to beg the question, ‘What perfume are you wearing?’ Not only do they work fabulously against grey skies, they too open our fragrance wardrobe possibilities.  With that, we introduce you to our winter fragrance edit. 


The Date Night Scent

B. Balenciaga Skin

_MG_8494 Portrait.jpg

A slightly more sensual version of the original, B. Balenciaga Skin is a woody floral that is as elegant as it is seductive. With luring notes of peony and lily of the valley, it dries down, revealing just enough spice to fit the wintery bill.  

_MG_8503 Portrait.jpg

Another fabulously fresh edition to the Daisy family comes Daisy Dream Blush. True to the daisy repertoire, this airy floral is a lush mix of violet, rose and lily of the valley. And the sheer pink bottle awash with daisies is divine. Well, if you’re onto a good thing…


The Head Turner

Bamboo by Gucci

Holding portrait.jpg

Gucci scents are best known to pack a powerful but sophisticated punch, and Bamboo is no exception. A pick for the refined lady who enjoys life in the luxe lane, this scent marries soft floral notes with a woody base of sandalwood - modern and chic, we’re predicting cult status. 


The Workday Classic

Cotton by Marc Jacobs

_MG_8499 Portrait.jpg

Sometimes simple is best, as is the case with Marc Jacobs Cotton. Light, fresh and clean, Cotton is for the minimalists among us (you know the type, impeccably ironed shirts and an organised handbag - they apparently DO exist). Perfect for adding an air of sophistication to an otherwise dreary day in the office…

_MG_8487 portrait.jpg

Powdery, musky and with a top note of white floral, Poudree is another incarnation of Narciso's penchant for creating quintessential girly scents. Best paired with your most fabulous cream trench, tousled curls and a pastel mani (high tea optional).

Story By Emily Algar, Images by Jenna Maslechko