The Best Face Masks For Your Skin (And Lifestyle)

Restoring and repairing your skin in winter takes a little more TLC than your daily cleanse, tone, moisturise routine.  Face masks, much like hair masks, should ideally be used once a week to replenish after a long week exposed to the elements. While a face mask is the perfect way to give your skin the extra attention it craves, not all masks are made the same. As with most  products, it's not a once-size-fits-all situation. It depends on your individual skin, and lifestyle, needs (or you run the risk of doing more dermal damage than not).  So, we went pore-deep into some new face masks that we’ve fallen for, and narrowed down which works best for different needs. Whether you’re after efficiency, hydration, skin clearing or dark spot correcting, we’ve got a mask for you. 

Image: Instagram @mirandakerr

Image: Instagram @mirandakerr

Best for: Pre-game pamper

Saturday Skin Quench Intense Hydration Mask works wonders for your skin when you've got a half hour window to be ready and out the door. After twenty minutes of leaving this mask, on you’re good to go. Now although you might not want anyone else to see you wearing it (as all sheet masks go...), this mask is the perfect choice to get a quick injection of hydration, keeping skin clear and plump so the makeup routine can be not much more than a quick slick of lippie, a lashing of mascara a brush of rouge or bronzer. 


Best for: A Spa Day in sixty seconds

Pressed for time? Dior’s 1-Minute Dream Mask, part of its Capture Totale collection, is a great cream mask for someone on-the-go. It takes literally one minute to work its magic. Applying as a light cream mask, it dries to a peel for ease of removal.  It's worth noting, though, that it's useful to have a good facial rinse after you peel it off (there's some residue). This mask is suitable for morning, night or even your lunch break... But, we suggest using at night so you can allow your skin to revel and rest-into the nourishment it just received. 


best for: Mud Mask Fans (Sans Mess)

For those of us who like a classic mud mask, Patchology offers a new twist on an old favourite- the SmartMud No Mess Mud Masque. They had us at the name... The sheet mask sticks to your face in two sections: top and bottom, and contains rare, mineral rich volcanic ash sourced from the Jeju Island in South Korea. This mask helps tighten pores so they are less visible, removes impurities, and renews your skin’s clarity, all in ten minutes.


Best For: That So Fresh, So Clean Feel

Nothing beats that clean, fresh feeling after using a deep cleansing treatment on your face. Perricone MD Pre:Empt Refreshing Shower Mask is gives you just that. The mask is designed to be done while you’re in the shower - cleanse your face, then apply the mask before you wash your hair or body (you want to optimise the time it's on, so it can really sink into skin). This mask's main task is to eliminate impurities in the skin, so there's no need to exfoliate your face any further. Rinse with the warm shower water and follow with your normal skincare regime. This one is a serous skin refresher.


Best for: Saying Sayonara To Skin Damage

The Patchology Powerpatch Dark Spot Correcting Duo Kit comes with both overnight stick on patches and a protective gel that work together to reduce signs of previous blemishes, age spots and sun damage. This kit is meant to be used over a twelve week period, but you’ll start to see signs of repair in only two weeks. If you’re looking to even out your skin tone and reduce signs of damage, this kit is the perfect way to treat your skin. 

Story by Samantha Blanchfield