The Best Makeup Brush Cleaners - Reader Review

We love our beauty brushes, but there’s a limit to our dedication in keeping them in good condition. Not because they don’t deserve it, but because the chore of cleaning makeup brushes is just so arduous sometimes - and so we’ve all been guilty of skipping that step. But according to the experts, cleaning your brushes weekly is just as important as removing your makeup at the end of each day. If the word ‘weekly’ emanates a big ‘Nope!’ you’re your mind’s already full to-do list, bear with us… It’s necessary to remove dirt, oil, dust and everything in between – keeping your brushes clean helps to limit the spread of bacteria and keeps those pimples away. And, with the right cleaning products, the process can be quick, easy and effective – taking very little time away from your Saturday morning. Beauticater, and bona fide beauty brush neglecter, Elyse Goyen, cleaned every last bristle, working her way through some seriously sanitising cleansers to bring you the best of the bunch.

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser.jpg

“If, like me, you’re after a deep thorough clean, Bobbi Brown’s Conditioning Cleanser is an absolutely must-have. I add some warm water to the cleanser and it forms a sudsy consistency (and smells of heavenly peppermint). It leaves my brushes looking and feeling like new again and removes all excess makeup and dirt. A little goes a long way with this product and my beautiful brushes are shiny and soft. Best of all, not a single brush hair falls out.” 


Best For: The quicky clean

Mecca Cosmetica Brush With Success 

“For those of us with OCD tendencies, Mecca Cosmetica’s Brush with Success is perfect. It’s quick and easy to use; I clean and sanitise my brushes with just a couple of sprays. Cleaning is really simple – spray on, brush off with no rinse and no mess. This cleanser is ideal for daily brush cleaning. It’s great for powder brushes but not as effective for creamy foundations or concealer brushes. I use weekly with a deep cleanser and my brushes are in amazing condition.”


Best For: Serious makeup lovers

MAC Brush Cleanser 

“This is best as a spot cleaner. I am initially unsure about how to best use this cleanser, but once I apply to an old face washer the makeup comes straight off my brushes. A quick rinse, and my brushes are like new (and dry really quickly). This has a pretty strong alcohol smell but, for me, I take it as a sign that this cleanser, true to it’s description, is seriously sanitising.”


Best for: Cheap and cheerful

Models Prefer Brush Cleaner

“This is a product that really delivers. I find it great for a spot clean and something a little deeper. It’s definitely the budget go-to. Another spray and wipe cleaning option, my brushes scrub up like new with a few flicks of the wrist to rinse off excess. The smell is a little overwhelming, with a scent that’s less tropical vaycay and more strong Piña Colada. Nothing a little rinse under water can’t fix though.”

Review by Elyse Goyen