The Best Strobing Makeup – Reader Review

Contouring, though done to deat, can create cheekbones that even Angelina Jolie would envy. However it's neither easy nor natural to create. Enter strobing: the sophisticated sister to contouring, it’s a technique whereby you use highlighting products on the cheekbones, brow-bone, nose and cupid’s bow to achieve a youthful, dewy complexion. Gold Coast Beauticater, Gracie Clough jumped at the chance to pull together her list of the best go-to products to take you from lacklustre to luminous in seconds.    

Image: Instagram @karliekloss

Image: Instagram @karliekloss

The Cult-Favourite  

YSL Touché Eclat 



“This golden pen is a cult-classic for a reason. Touché Eclat is a concealer and highlighter in one, perfectly capturing light on the skin and enhancing radiance. This product is perfect for all ages and skin types, and can be used anywhere on the skin to get rid of blemishes, smile lines, and dark shadows, as well as to enhance high-points on the face. Click the end of the pen to release the concealer liquid and make gentle strokes on the areas you want the light to capture. This product helped me achieve flawless skin that had not been masked; only enhanced.”





The Beginner’s Companion 

Benefit Watts Up!

“This fuss-free champagne tinted wonder stick is simple to use and is perfect for beginners. All you have to do is swipe the stick across the high points on your face and gently blend in the product with your fingers or the accompanying sponge on the end. Unlike some cream stick products that rub off your base when applied, Watts Up! saved me from this frustration as it didn’t budge my base. It helped me achieve a glowing, fresh, and natural complexion that made me look like I had been drinking green juices for weeks.”






“Bobbi Brown’s famous all-in-one Shimmer Brick is a cherry on top of any makeup look – day or night. This powder compact contains five bars of glistening colours that can be used as a blush, highlighter and even eye shadow. Although the compact appears intensely shimmery, both subtle and dramatic looks can be created. A light sweep of this product on my cheeks created the perfect healthy daytime glow, and a nighttime appropriate look was achieved by layering the product onto my face’s highpoints.“


“Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup artist to supermodels like Miranda Kerr – so if Miranda is a fan, then I’m in. This clever multi-tasking product illuminated my very dull skin - that had been exposed to copious amounts of air-conditioning -by absorbing and reflecting light with its fluorescent core light diffusers. This shimmery, gilded fluid is the perfect pick-me-up for tired skin exposed to frequent travelling and harsh air. I also love the sleek Wonderglow bottle with rose gold lid, and it’s within carry-on luggage limits.”


“If, like me, you suffer from too few Zs and need to look awake, like now, then consider this product your ultimate coffee-in-hand. I can easily say this pigmented rose gold pen is the wonder product my super dark under-eyes have been calling for. It instantly covered my dark rings and brightened and illuminated my eye area without creasing. It is also excellent at lightly covering blemishes and pigmentation.” 


The Head Turner  

MAC Strobe Cream


“This silver pearlescent cream is great for those craving intense radiance. With just a pea-sized amount of product, my skin was plumped, hydrated and ready for foundation. This strobe cream also photographs beautifully (which is why it's a mainstay backstage at fashion week) and helped by base stay intact - so a must-have for special occasions. At a recent Strobing Masterclass with MAC Cosmetics Australia Senior Makeup Artist, Carol Mackie, I was taught to carry this product down my neck, décolletage and anywhere else you want to glow. I also found that applying some of this product to my shins elongated and slimmed my petite legs.” 



“Initially I was hesitant to use this ‘half skincare, half makeup’ product because the colour looks closer to orange than peach, and I didn't fancy turning tangerine. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the product melted into my skin and adapted to my fair skin tone, leaving me looking naturally iridescent. This product works as a primer if you struggle with creating a flawless, natural-looking base as it prevents makeup from turning ‘cakey’. I received so many compliments from friends, and even strangers, saying that my skin looked so lustrous and radiant.”