Valentine's Day Style Guide: What To Wear On Your Date Night

It’s that tender time of year again; cupid stretches his bow from afar and shoots arrows of love to enamoured boys and girls. So, flirt with romantic imaginings by way of fragrance, beauty and fashion this Valentine’s Day. From fluttery-eyed first daters, to veteran lovers who have been through it all and the naughty pair who prefer their French in kisses over foie gras (ooh la la, Monsieur!), we have you covered. Make your love's heart skip a beat with this edit of fashionable Valentine’s frivolity; love is most certainly in the air.  



Date: Moonlight Cinema and picnic
Drink: Pimms Punch
Power Couple: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik 

For the first-daters with hearts in their eyes and butterflies in their tummies, take a leap of (fashion) faith with a cute and flirty look. Sweet and serendipitous; flounce around in a floral flip dress, accent your outfit with kitsch and kooky accessories and a lick of red lippie to add just a little heat. Stick to traditional tender hues of red, but play with fun French navy and a sprinkling of gold in favour of black. Fragrance should be punchy and youthful; hair out, long and au natural. Be generous with giggles and bat those lashes because first dates are meant to be fun.



Date: Hotel room and room service
Drink: Champagne, (and lots of it)
Power Couple: Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles

Ooh la la. Sizzle Valentine’s Day away with a lustful night in; hotel room booked and champagne on ice for this provocative princess and her partner in crime. Lace up those lady lumps in a sexy, black one-piece (peep holes permitted), however leave a little to the imagination as you cover up in a silky, red robe dress. Stilettos are obligatory, whilst scent should be heady and piquant. Take heed of V-Day clichés with whipped cream, strawberries and bubbles aplenty (because when else can you?). Beauty beckons va-va-voom vibes; a feline flicked eye, big, bouncy curls and rich, red, kiss-me lips, of course. Remember, room service is always a good idea.



Date: Country escape
Drink: Crisp Rosé
Power Couple: Romeo and Juliet

Ah, the sweet, saccharine notes of young love. For those still flouncing away in a loved-up state of bliss with an impending diamond on the pink-dipped horizon, romanticism is certainly not dead. Colour yourself in candy shades and sweetly cut silhouettes for a slight folkloric foray into V-Day. Makeup is peachy and pearlescent, fragrance is floriated and soft and virgin hair will complement the look. Say sayonara to the city and escape to a verdant winery, bucolic cottage or countryside spa, where frolicking in the long grass, picking strawberries and wine tasting are all on the agenda. Not for the romantically squeamish; nomadic lovers apply here. 



Date: Ballet and a swish dinner
Drink: Penfolds Grange
Power Couple: Beyonce and Jay Z 

Veterans of love: the long-time lovers who are in it for the long haul. Classicism reigns supreme, but an avant-garde touch will do just the trick for a night of grandeur proportions. With a modernist poise, don structured slacks and beautiful bustiers, whilst curated and crafted accessories complete the look. Monochrome with slices of colour pack a sophisticated yet special punch. Wear your iconic scent, for hints of romantic nostalgia, and pair your smoky eye with dark nails for a soupçon of sexiness. Be dazzled by prancing ballerinas, swirl your red and go hand in hand, like the old days.



Date: Cocktails, dancing and more cocktails
Drink: Cosmopolitans, because, why not?
Power Couple: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda

Single and not quite ready to mingle? Fear not. Grab your bitty brigade and paint the town red, en masse. One for the single ladies, forgo the come-hither vibes and hit the high-fashion brief - this is the time to parade those high-necks and fancy footwear most men squirm at. Go all girl-power and burn up the D-floor (suitably of course, no broken Sophia Webster heels here) and keep the cocktails coming (and coming). More is more with makeup and hair; hot pink pouts, fab, faux lashes and bouncy, brushed-out locks. In the poignant words of The Pussycat Dolls, ‘I don’t need a man!’

Story, edit and layout by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis.