VIDEO: We Try The Frizz-Busting Ionic Brush

We've come a long way since getting our friends to literally iron (like, clothes iron) our hair pin straight, with that telltale root dent. From iron plates, temperature dials, titanium, gold and ceramic plating, it's been quite the evolution. But, with a trend return to hair with body and bounce, we're looking for less sleek and more movement and shine. Enter: the smoothing brush. At Beauticate HQ, our manes are a myriad of textures, lengths and fullness, so we were eager to give the Braun Satin Hair 7 Iontec Brush, exclusive to Shaver Shop, a test run to see how it holds up against fly-ways, frizz, fine and full hair. Here, Beauticate founder, Sigourney, roped in her hair opposite (sister-in-law Elicia) to give the brush a whirl, here's what happened... 


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Video by Manuela Leigh and In Association With Braun.