Bad News For White Wine Drinkers

White Wine holding.jpg

A worrisome and shocking study published this week by Brown University has revealed that drinking white wine may increase your risk of skin cancer.

According to the study's findings, enjoying one daily glass of white wine can increased your risk of melanoma by 13 per cent. Conversely, red wine did not carry the same risk factor. In fact, when the authors separated out beer, red wine, white wine and other forms of alcohol, only white wine carried any risk for melanoma.

The study followed 210,252 participants over an average of 18 years. Consumption of beer, red wine, and liquor did not pose a risk, but each drink per day of white wine was associated an increased risk of melanoma.

The author of the study, Eunyoung Cho, ScD. (an associate professor of dermatology and epidemiology at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University), believes that although red and white wine have similar amounts of acetaldehyde, it is possible that the antioxidants in red wine reduces the risk. 

We’re definitely re-thinking our love of Sauvignon Blanc for summer... 

Story by Steph Russo