Beauty Bloggers Apply Their Foundation With A Sex Toy. No Joke.

What started out as a joke amongst beauty blogger pals Chloe Morello and Laura Lee quickly became an... interesting... new beauty tip. The duo posted a joint makeup tutorial video exploring the possibility of using a silicone vibrator to blend their makeup. And it's not a joke. 

In the video, at first they are disappointed in the results - their makeup appeared to have distinct bumps. However, after giving the battery powered gadget a little more of a chance they realised that it actually blends their foundation and highlighter “flawlessly”. Surprised? So are we.

But, apparently it works. Morello mentions that although the foundation is ''full on'' she felt the application made her skin look natural and she "has nothing bad to say". She also argued that at just $40 you get a bang for your buck out of the multipurpose device. Perhaps this is will be a new beauty trend? With some pre-use explaining to anyone who shares a wall at your home, it could be the one thing that trumps the silicone sponge in makeup application novelty. 

See the full video here.

Story by Catherine Barnes