Katrina Brown, Celebrity Spray Tanner

What Katrina Brown doesn't know about fake tan isn't worth knowing. The LA-based Aussie celebrity spray tanner has misted everyone from Denise Richards to Delta Goodrem and has a knack for creating the ultimate believable bronze. After opening her stylish Double Bay salon, The Bronzing Boutique, her skills with a spray gun were so in demand she had to decamp to LA to cater to her discerning and ever-growing A-list clientele. Katrina welcomed us into her West Hollywood home and revealed the secrets to obtaining the perfect burnished Beverley Hills body.

I’m flying to Paris next week to airbrush a celebrity

...because she doesn’t trust anyone else. I look after film actresses and entertainment reporters, but I can’t mention who due to confidentiality agreements. In LA I am working mostly on house calls for the high end market. I’m available 24 hours for certain clientele and have been called at 3am for urgent spray tans because of last minute shooting! I never left school wanting to pursue a career in beauty. I was working in the banking industry and decided I to start my own business, but I didn’t know what. I realised I couldn’t find a great spray tan anywhere in Sydney so it was an organic transition to launch The Bronzing Boutique - a premium-tanning spa that offers a luxury experience at a reasonable price. 

Katrina in her Hollywood home

Katrina in her Hollywood home

Sun protection is essential when you spend as much time outdoors at Katrina

Sun protection is essential when you spend as much time outdoors at Katrina

A tan just makes you feel better

It really does lift your mood. I love making people happy. The salon design in Double Bay was inspired by the Hamptons/Bahamas. It feels calming, relaxing and fun - like a mini holiday. Beauty should be an experience. I have a close relationship with all my clients. As you can imagine seeing people naked on a regular basis and learning about their lives and intimate details creates a strong and trustworthy relationship. 

My beauty look is natural, bronzed and healthy

I wake up and wash my face, and for exercise I rotate between gym sessions and hikes in the Hollywood Canyons. If I am in the sun, I apply an oil-free 30 or 40 Plus sunscreenlike Clinique 40 Plus Tinted Oil Free Sunscreen or Hampton Sun for my body. I come home and shower with organic Maine Beach Ligurian Honey Body Wash and moisturize with Ligurian Honey Body Lotion to keep my tan lasting well. 

Maine Beach Ligurian Honey body wash and cream help maintain a tan

Maine Beach Ligurian Honey body wash and cream help maintain a tan

Clutch essentials:  Cover FX Foundation , Guerlain blush and  Stella McCartney  scent.

Clutch essentials: Cover FX Foundation, Guerlain blush and Stella McCartney scent.

I am prone to break outs

The most important purse necessity is my Cover FX cream foundation compact to keep my skin looking flawless. It is great for the skin because it is antioxidant-rich, 2-in-1 concealer and foundation with SPF 30 protection. It doesn't contain the Inflammatory Five: gluten, mineral oil, fragrance, parabens or talc, so it's acne safe. I also throw in a Stella McCartney roller parfum to touch up, YSL Touch Eclat for under the eyes and also throw in a nude lipstick and a mini Guerlain Terracotta bronzer. After I set my make up I lightly brush some Colorscience Sunforgettable Zinc Sunscreen powder across my face for SPF. This way I don’t have any oil residue across my skin and I can touch up through out the day with out unsetting my makeup. 

I had a water filter installed in my shower

...to extract all the chemicals out of the water and filter out any chlorine and nasty chemicals. The water in LA has such a high amount of Chlorine; it is so damaging and drying for the hair and skin. For my hair I wash with Living Proof because it's sulphate, silicone and paraben free and they've created a molecule OFPMA that creates a shield around hair and makes it healthier and stronger over time. It repels oil and dirt so you don’t have to wash it as often. I miss Sydney water; we are so lucky to have such fresh water.

Living Proof  takes pride of place in her shower

Living Proof takes pride of place in her shower

Katrina prefers natural products where possible

Katrina prefers natural products where possible

I stay away from parabens, sulphates and alcohol

...which are in most of the cheaper products found in supermarkets. I love natural products like Maine Beach (which we sell in the salon as it makes your tan last longer and fade evenly) and Pure Fiji. I love that when I've had a a spray tan and lash extensions freshly done all I need to pop on is a lipstick and concealer and I’m ready. I use a tanning wipe made for the face such as Kate Somerville to keep your face bronzed and also it also stops your pores getting clogged - I don’t recommend using airbrush tan on your face. Also, dust your face with sunscreen powder instead of a liquid so it doesn’t mess up your make up.

I take care of my body by walking...

...through the Hollywood Hills or hiking in Runyon Canyon behind my house. Sometimes I use the gym - I do 30 minutes of cardio three to four times per week, plus stomach planks and crunches. I also do yoga once a week in a private residence outdoors under palm trees. Every three months or so I have a trainer for a month to teach me new routines and keep my fitness levels up to ensure I constantly challenge myself. Meditation is important - even a 15 mediation in the LA morning sun on my balcony help my day. I focus on everything I am grateful for. Plenty of water is also great for energy and and I moisturise the skin on my body twice a day. I have facials at Kate Somerville on Melrose Place and get my hair done with celebrity artist, Glenn Nutley, who is also Britney Spears personal hair and make up artist - among other celebrities. I see Kristy Streicher for my eyebrows and get lash extensions by Tomo in the Valley. The tan is by moi!

Katrina keeps fit by going for walks in the Hollywood hills

Katrina keeps fit by going for walks in the Hollywood hills

Katrina swears by  Kusmi tea , acai, spirulina and acai for energy

Katrina swears by Kusmi tea, acai, spirulina and acai for energy

My diet consists of organic food

After my walk I have egg white scramble eggs with either smoked salmon or spinach. I eat a lot of fish and brussel spouts are my favorite green vegetable right now. I BBQ my dinner a lot, either fish or red meat. I have blueberries for a snack, as they are low GI and great source of antioxidants. Pure Coconut water for snack also, and I love my Kusmi tea. My smoothies include, coconut water, cocoa, goji berries, acai and spirulina, which I find keeps my energy levels consistent. I also use these amazing drops from celebrity kinesiologist Mel Simmons. With my hectic schedule the drops and sprays are a quick lift for my energy. I use "illumination" before any important meeting to shine and the "bliss" spray to help create a happy environment."


Interview by Sigourney Cantelo; Photography by Glenn Nutley; Hair by Andrew Zepeda; Makeup by Natalie Malchev; Arranged by Ahtra Elnashar.