Five Quick Tips to Switch Up Your Routine For Summer – Sigourney’s Edit

Here’s something you already know: summer is fun. There are so many better things to be doing than hanging out in your bathroom with your hot tongs. The key to looking gorgeous (and relaxed) when the mercury rises, is to let go of control, embrace the humidity and find a really good sunscreen. I recently went to Ibiza with the family and shot some summer beauty shots with renowned Ibiza photographer Anna Lui at the stunning day spa Agroturismo Atzaro (see my travel story here). Although I had a bit of help that morning from Sydney makeup artist Lianne Claire (who just happened to also be in Ibiza at the same time), we had to contend with the 35 degree soupy climate for the duration of our shoot. Needless to say, it jogged my memory on how to deal. Here are my tips for embracing sultry weather all the while maintaining your cool. 


sigourney wears marysia swim one piece

sigourney wears marysia swim one piece

1. Swap your foundation for a mineral makeup or BB with sunscreen.

Or CC or tinted moisturiser… just make sure it’s got a great SPF in it. Physical blockers like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are a great broad spectrum option as they bounce UV light away from the skin rather than absorbing it. I really like Nude by Nature and Melbourne cosmeceutical brand Synergie Skin's Mineral Whip. It gives beautiful coverage and doesn’t block your pores yet provides great sun protection. Dr Jart BB Cream is a great BB that gives a beautiful luminous glow, has decent coverage and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, but I’m currently testing a bunch of other sunscreens for a more detailed story coming soon, so I’ll let you know my findings soon.

sigourney wears tigerlily bikini

sigourney wears tigerlily bikini

2. But remember, sunscreen can be hard to get off. 

If you’re using a physical sunscreen then you’ll need to step up your cleansing routine to get it all off, or it can block your pores and cause breakouts. I love cleansing oils, which work by attaching to the oils on your skin and washing them down the drain. The Erno Laszlo Cleansing Oil and Bar is a great concept – do the first cleanse with the oil, then rub the black charcoal-infused bar all over your face – it washes everything satisfyingly down the drain. Otherwise you can just do a double cleanse – first with a wipe or oil then with a gel or cream.

sigourney wears marysia swim dress

sigourney wears marysia swim dress

3. Switch to an oil-free moisturiser or add a mattifier.

If you’re feeling a bit shiny come lunchtime, you may need to rejig your skincare routine for the warmer weather. If you’re using sunscreen or BB every day then sometimes you don’t need moisturiser, but if you feel you need one then go for an oil free formulation or a gel-cream. I like Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation. If it's really humid I might just skip the moisturiser completely and go for a serum or an essence to wear under my sunscreen - the new La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence-In-Lotion is beautiful. It hydrates and refines the skin but feels weightless. I don’t suffer with oily T-zone but have been told Benefit Agent Zero Shine is excellent. 

Portrait 1.jpg

4. Introduce a regular tanning routine. Build it daily.

I always feel healthier with a bit of colour, so during the warmer months I commit to a weekly tanning schedule. I do love a spray tan for events but I just don’t have the time to get to the salon every week, and I find it pretty easy to do it myself. So, on a Thursday night I’ll do a mousse – which I apply with a mitt. At the moment I’m loving Mine Tan Mousse in Onyx Foam – it’s lightweight, doesn’t stink and gives a gorgeous colour result. I apply it with a velour mitt and the most amazing invention ever – ModelCo’s Back Tanner. You just hook it in each hand and swing it over your back like a towel. Seriously changed my life. Or rather, it changed my husband’s life, since he is now spared the mundane task of bronzing between my shoulder blades. I then use a gradual tanning lotion every second day. I like St. Tropez Gradual Everyday Body Moisturiser Tan and Jergens Natural Glow. I’m working on a video to show you all my little tricks and techniques, so stay tuned for that.

Portrait 4.jpg

5. Lose the styling tools and rock a plait for texture.

It’s hot. It’s sweaty. When soaring temps hit, you really don’t want to be wrestling with a blowdryer and barrel brush. The quickest way to get gorgeous texture is to go nuts with the dry shampoo on clean hair. Yes, I did say CLEAN! (Obvs dry shampoo is also amazing on dirty hair, but it adds great texture to slippery freshly washed strands, too. Try Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo) Then spray generously with sea salt spray (Try John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray) or texture spray and braid or plait your hair and let it dry like that. You’ll get gorgeous waves minus the effort (and heat).  

Photography by Ana Lui; Styling by Kristie Rogers; Hair and Makeup by Lianne Claire.