How To Define Your Brows with Desiree Wise

Desiree Wise is an excellent makeup artist and one of our favourite girls to work with. Here she tames model Emily Green's incredible brows into submission with nothing more than two eyebrow brushes, some powder and some hairspray. 

Step 1. Brush your hairs down so you can see the natural line of the brow.


Step 2. Measure the end point of your brow by using another makeup brush and holding it from the outside of the eye.


Step 3. Measure the beginning of the brow by drawing an imaginary line from the outside nostril straight up to the inner corner of the eye. 



Step 4. fill in the top line of the brow with a short angled brush.



Step 5. Brush the hairs up.



Step 6. Fill in the brows using short strokes up and outwards.



Step 7. Spray your eyebrow brush with hairspray.



Step 8. Brush them up and outwards.


And there you have it - tamed brows in minutes.


Photography by Jake Terrey; Makeup by Desiree Wise.