The Best Décolletage and Neck Creams – Reader Review

Parisian mothers have been passing on the importance of tending to your décolletage and neck for generations, and it’s time we took the wisdom notes from our French cousins. There is no bigger give-away of damaged or aged skin than to look south of the jawline. The skin is up to four times thinner than the face so simply stretching our regular moisturiser isn’t the answer. Registered Cosmetic Nurse Injector and Adelaide-based Beauticater, Juliette Tuck, prefers to be on the ‘giving’ end of the needle, so she took a look at the topical, non-invasive age-defying products to treat these areas. Here’s her list of the best. 

Beauticate loves this image by Philippe Salomon

Beauticate loves this image by Philippe Salomon

“As mentioned, Parisians have always been streets ahead of us in this delicate skin department, and Sisley has made a ‘brassiere’-like lift in a sparkling jar. Having just finished a few months of intensive breast-feeding I was like a kid in a candy shop when this arrived at my door.I followed the detailed massage instructions, rubbing in the lightweight cream full of shea butter and sunflower oils, scented lightly with delicious essential oils. The secret to Sisley is in the 3-D firming effect; it left a thin elastic film on my skin. Having followed the twice daily treatment and maintenance program my bust was definitely feeling lifted, hydrated and ready for a summer strapless dress.”


“Another French brand targeting the anti-aging and regeneration of the décolletage. Having worked in a clinic alongside a Gold Clarins salon for years, I know that this product is a stand out in the range. The baby pink cream can be applied once in the evening or twice a day depending on your needs. I personally love using it at night because the extra firming complex (also found in their day and night face cream), green algae and sunflower gently work their softening magic overnight. Because this is not an oily treatment, it can be used on all skin types. The matte finish also worked under my makeup without creasing into fine lines or wrinkles.” 



“Created by Instagram star and entrepreneur,Gabrielle Requena– who I have been eagerly following for months now – the product has turned what plastic surgeons have been using for years into a reusable at-home silicone pad. I simply put it on my décolletage overnight, gave it a quick wash in the morning and it was ready for the next night. 30+ applications per sheet sounds like a great deal to me and kept the girls lifted, separated and the skin smooth overnight – a major cause of the dreaded chest wrinkle.”




“While prevention is better than cure, if the skin is already crêpe-y and damaged you may want to call in the doctor.I of course mean, Dr Brandt – a New York and Miami based dermatologist who has mixed years of knowledge into this powerful neck cream. And now we in Australia can now get our hands (and necks) on this sharp, silver pot of hydration. The lymphatic drainage application method, after a little practice, seemed to sharpen my jaw line. As recommended, I wore it day and night, loving the fact that the delicate scent meant it could be worn without overpowering my daily perfume. Another bonus in my book.”


“Having known about Elizabeth Arden since I can remember stealing my mum’s Red Door EDT, I recently noticed they upped the ante with anti-aging Idebenone technology. Basically it’s a strong anti-oxidant that can correct the signs of aging and was once only found in cosmetic clinic ranges, until now. This buttery, yellow cream helped the dryness of my skin and reduced the appearance of my dark spots and sun damage.  Go gently into the night with this product, a little goes a long way.”




“With extracts of frankincense, myrrh and lots of plant goodness, this cream has been designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive among us. I applied by warming the cream in my palms before patting onto my skin. This light cream creates a lasting brightening and tight feeling, without feeling dry. While created to be worn am and pm, I found the scent slightly too strong to wear with my perfume so kept it for the evening routine.”





“While I’m still not quite sure how to pronounce this one, the silky, plant based stem cell cream really did deliver a look of health to my skin. Made in Switzerland, the New York based range has a signature hexapeptide technology that is designed to prevent deep lines forming.  The secret ingredients include watercress, marsh samphire and raspberry stem cells with a distinct lean towards natural ingredients and no animal testing. My neck felt tight but hydrated and, while I wasn’t able to personally test this point out because I don’t have one at this stage, they do claim that their yellow poppy ingredient also reduces the look of a double chin. Swan neck here we come.”

Review by Juliette Tuck