The Supplements You Need To Try Right Now

The beauty supplement market is expanding more than ever. With innovative formulas and buzz words like 'bioavailability' becoming a main focus, it's no wonder supplements are taking over the internet. The new generation of vitamins are sporting claims to make whoever consumes them smarter, stronger, prettier, and all around super human. We asked ourselves, is the world headed towards creating a magic, cure-all, beauty pill? After getting cleared by a GP - which is a must before taking anything new - we tested a few popular formulas to find out. Here are our picks for the best supplements of 2018, so far. 



For Glowing Skin...

Boasting more than 24 glow-inducing, bio-fermented superfoods, The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty Powder is made for more than just improving gut health. Everyone knows that glowing skin starts in the stomach, so founder Carla Oates created a probiotic-rich and easily digestible formula that promotes collagen synthesis and can clear the most stubborn of acne. This berry flavoured powder can be added to water or mixed with smoothies and yogurt for a nourishing treat. 


For Energy...

Here at Beauticate HQ, we are all about optimising performance - which is why we were keen to try BEAR’s Perform Daily Supplement. Each tablets contains Vitamin B12, to support energy and a healthy nervous system, as well as Bacopa, a traditional Ayurvedic Herb that is used to treat stress and mild anxiety. If the idea of more energy and less stress isn’t enough, all of BEAR vitamins are made in Australia - so you can feel good about buying locally.


For Brain Power...

We understand that this one may come off a tad whoo-whoo, but we’re willing to overlook it considering how well Brain Dust works. Coined as ‘Edible Intelligence’, this product by LA-based company, Moon Juice, claims to “enhance focus and mental stamina, and promote mental clarity and concentration”, with an adaptogenic blend of super herbs and super mushrooms. We were also wary - that is, until we tried a spoonful and never looked back. 


For Beautiful Hair...

Our good friends over at JS Health have formulated their way to a perfect hair day, every day. JS Health Hair + Energy uses  zinc, to restore hair strength and volume, and Iodine, which is essential for energy production throughout the body. Together, they create the killer combination of great hair and sustained energy. 


Story by Molly Gay; Photography by Dan Hilburn