Genderless Makeup Campaign #Blurthelines Set To Make Beauty Boundless

 Image: @verygoodlight

Image: @verygoodlight

There has been a change in the beauty air for a while now, and it has been directed at the men. Once long forgotten in the primping department, the past two or so decades (thanks in part to that early noughties makeover show, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy - apparently set to make a comeback) saw skin and haircare products finally catering to men. And, in more recent times, makeup has tested a turn to testosterone. But now, in stride with the social shift redefining gender norms, a very significant step has been taken in removing gender bias when it comes to cosmetic coverage. We're talking genderless makeup, and Milk Makeup is leading the way. 

The brand has launched its new pore minimising Blur Stick with men's beauty hub Very Good Light to create a genderless beauty awareness campaign, #blurthelines

“It’s a positive thing, but I just worry people think there’s only one way men can wear makeup,” Milk Makeup creative director Georgie Greville told Glossy. “So we take many different approaches. There are no rules, and that’s been defining for us.”

The campaign aims to redefine how we look at beauty, masculinity and makeup in society. 


It's an exciting time for beauty lovers, brands and, of course, men who have been eyeing off our bathroom cabinet bounty every time they have a blemish. 

Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith