Now in its fourth year, L'Oréal Australia’s Beauty For All scholarship program was established to open the doors of the beauty industry to aspiring young beauty professionals who have faced cultural and financial hardships. Through the program, L'Oréal completely covers tuition costs for four scholars to complete the Diploma of Beauty Therapy at Kangan Institute, one of the largest and most trusted education and training providers in Victoria.

“L’Oréal strives to be a brand led by purpose, and our purpose is to create the Beauty that Moves the World. Beauty to us is confidence, self-expression, diversity and inclusivity. Each year, our scholars show us how beauty is more than a creative outlet, but an avenue that has driven their happiness, their purpose and their sense of self-worth. Our scholars, Haneen, Sarah, Isa and Simi, reflect L’Oréal’s purpose, and we want to harness this when we see it. And that’s what we hope to achieve with our Beauty for All scholarships program,” said Kiera Flynn of L’Oréal Australia at the 2021 Beauty for All Scholarships virtual awards ceremony.

The four Beauty Scholars of 2021 were selected for their passion and talent for beauty. Coming from diverse backgrounds and having faced unique struggles and setbacks, their experiences have only strengthened their passion for beauty.  We meet each of these amazing young women and hear their stories, learning how beauty has inspired them and how the program is giving each one a head start in the industry they love.

Isvananda Roman, originally from Venezuela, moved to Melbourne to provide for her family. Isa looks up to beauticians as they “can change people’s lives and makes them feel comfortable” and dreams of opening her own beauty therapy business one day and running a social media channel based on her love of beauty.

Iraqi immigrant Haneen Zakariya came to Australia with her family to escape her war-torn home country. She aims to start her own beauty business, and wants to show others they can achieve their dreams: “You can make your dream come true … no matter your situation, don’t be afraid to start your journey, it will happen.”

Sarah Munzel left her rural country town to go against the grain and pursue her dream career in the beauty industry. “It has taken me an incredibly long time to see exactly how strong, creative and driven I truly am. I have always had an interest in beauty therapy, a career option that allows me to display how artistic and talented I am,” she says.

Harsimranjeet (Simi) Kaur grew up in Melbourne, and loved beauty even as a child. Simi loves the confidence beauty can provide: “beauty makes you feel confident … it makes you feel special.” After realizing her future lay in the beauty industry, she applied for the scholarship, taking the first step towards her dream of owning a beauty salon.

Interviews by Sigourney Cantelo. Video editing by Carlie Doley. Words by Karina Wharton. In collaboration with L’Oréal. 


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