Elle Ferguson, Fashion Blogger

One half of the dynamic duo behind popular fashion blog TheyAllHateUs, Elle Ferguson has her trademark beauty look down pat: the cascading blonde waves and legs in denim-shorts that go up to here. We had to know her secrets. Thankfully she agreed to share, when we visited her in her chic, expertly-curated Bondi pad.


TheyAllHateUs started as a passion.

We [ Tash Sefton and I] lectured at FBI college and all of these girls were asking “how do you get a successful blog?” but we never actually started for that reason. Tash and I just started it for us. We needed somewhere to put the photos we used to send each other. We worked together at General Pants, Tash was in buying and I was Visual Merchandising and we used to send these emails with a whole lot of pictures, we’d search “YSL” on Google.... and then we crashed the server because the email was so big. Then Tash’s husband said “you girls need somewhere to put all of these images so it doesn’t crash”.


We were sitting over lunch and we were like “what are we going to call it [our blog]?” 

Tash and I would always put the Sex & The City album on at work and the majority of the people there were male and we were running around the office screaming and they would all roll their eyes at us and look at us like they wanted to kill us so then, “They All Hate Us” came about because it was like they all hate us!

Hair help: Bumble & Bumble and Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe.

Hair help: Bumble & Bumble and Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe.

I wash my hair with Bumble & Bumble thickening shampoo

it thickens it up. Then Toni & Guy fine hair conditioner, it’s good because it doesn’t weigh it down. And then I use Toni & Guy Sea Salt spray and the Bumble and Bumble thickening spray, both of them. Then I dry it straight and then I always go to bed with dry shampoo in it, I just flick my head forward and pile it in and then I brush it out in the morning and I seem to have more volume... I don't know what it does but it works for me. Remington (my hair stylist) always yells at me because I use too much dry shampoo but I’m like I love it, it holds the crunch in!


The BaByliss curling wand is my favourite thing.

Curling my hair doesn’t take that long. The first day (after washing) takes 20 minutes but then once the curls are in, it stays in. To hold it in I spray in dry shampoo and this volumizing powder from Coles, it’s Schwarzkopf, it’s like… gold. I have to be honest I never use a treatment which is probably really bad but... I find it weighs my hair down to much.


I have recently discovered primer...

I don't know how I wasn't using one before. The ModelCo face base has changed my life... It goes on after moisturiser and before your foundation and it somehow keeps your make up in place all day and has lessened breakouts. 

In Elle's makeup kit: Giorgio Armani, Nars, MAC

In Elle's makeup kit: Giorgio Armani, Nars, MAC


I used to have platinum blonde hair,

like Marilyn Monroe and I’d be like “no it’s not that blonde” and now I look back on photos and I’m like “how did nobody say to me ‘you have white hair, Elle’” so this has been a process. I had to just suck it up and let it grow out, and that was the best thing I ever did. I didn’t colour it, and it was the most painful 12 months of my life.

An illustration by Garance Dore and a Chanel favourite

An illustration by Garance Dore and a Chanel favourite

I've invested in professional make up brushes...

not a whole kit but just a foundation, powder, bronzer and blush brush, they're amazing. My makeup goes on so much smoother and the finish is incredible, so worth the money! Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation is another must have, I have it in m y makeup bag at all times.


A week hasn't gone by in the past 3 years that I haven't had a spray tan.

Tan Temple Bondi Beach are the best! I also get shellac mani and pedis and eyebrow shaping. Always fill your eyebrows in with a pencil or cream as they really frame the face. I never leave the house without some white eyeliner on as it makes me look awake, to instantly glow put some illuminiser on the bridge of your nose, the bow of your lips and the chin.


I have also, in the last 12 months taken time to breathe...

I was always rushing around and never actually breathing so now I ensure I take deep long breaths throughout the day.... And sleep. Also I don't drink alcohol which I think is a great help to taking care of my body."

Elle favours juices and clean food

Elle favours juices and clean food


Words by Sigourney; Photography by Jake Terrey; Hair by Brad Ngata; Makeup by Becca Gilmartin.