A: Just like dehydrated skin on your face, you need to give your lips a supercharged shot of moisture – and a balm is the fastest way to do this. Look for a hydrating, softening (known as emollient) formulation that contains a blend of oils, waxes and butters like coconut oil, shea butter, lanolin and paw paw.

One of our very favourite all-purpose productss, has to be Australian made Lanolips. A super hydrating balm that comes in handy little tubes, it’s made from medical grade Lanolin, which is one of nature’s most healing and hydrating ingredients  (it’s derived from the oils in sheep’s wool) and gives a gorgeous, glossy, long-lasting finish. Brainchild of publicist turned beauty entrepreneur Kirsten Carriol, it has become a cult hit worldwide and closer to home – Model Bambi and The Grace Tales editor Georgie Abay love it, too. It’s great for everything from chapped lips to cuts and grazes.

Another two balms we keep hearing about… Fashion director of Shopbop.com Elle Strauss swears by French pharmacy favourite Nuxe’s Lip Balm to get her through the pout-sapping New York winters, while London-dwelling publicist and blogger Hermione Underwood relies on the “daily velvety heavenly indulgence” of La Mer Lip Balm.

One cause of dry lips is sunburn which can happen even on cloudy days, so if you’re going to be outside for long periods, look for a balm that contains an SPF.

If your lips are flaky and you need to apply lipstick, apply your balm and wait ten mintues then give them a gentle scrub with a soft children’s toothbrush or a wet facewasher. Pat dry then reapply your balm.

Water loss on the lips is between three and ten times greater than on other areas of the body, so it’s a good idea to keep a balm in your handbag. And whatever you do, don’t lick them – it can help briefly but it makes it much worse in the long term because your saliva damages and dries the thin skin layer.

While they’re sore and dry, steer clear of plumping balms that will irritate and matte lipstick formulations, which can show up the dryness.

Answer by Sigourney.

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  1. May 31, 2015

    My mum bought me some lanolips and I love it. It’s stickier than most balms but it means it lasts longer.