We’ve all had our fair share of bad beauty moments. Whether it’s a hairstyle that still makes us cringe or the memory of ~that~ spray tan, these blunders can be the bane of our beauty existence. And they always seem to strike at the worst possible moment (like five minutes before that Very Important Meeting). So prevent a repeat, we’ve rounded up six common beauty mishaps and armed you with all the knowledge you need to survive them, every time. Get scrolling…

Blunder #1: You Over-Plucked Your Eyebrows

The Solution: We’ve all been there. If you wake up and realise you’ve taken it one step too far with the tweezers, rest assured there are both temporary and long-term fixes that will have you back to #browgoals in no time.

First, you need to have an official break from your tweezers. We’re talking six to eight weeks here, people. Hide them, burn them, do whatever you need to do to refrain from plucking. And yes, it even includes those pesky random stragglers that grow down or out from your brow. This is the fastest way to get your brows back to their resplendent best. We also suggest enlisting the help of an eyebrow enhancing serum. Our pick is Elizabeth Arden Eye Lash & Brow Serum – the product contains enhancing nutrients which help facilitate fuller brows in just 60 days days. Saved.


Blunder #2: You Smudged Your Eyeliner

The Solution: Picture this: you’re due to the leave the house in 10 minutes for a date night dinner, and horror – you smudge your perfectly executed cat-eye liner flick. Before you enter total meltdown zone, and make the rash decision to start over, simply grab a Q-tip of makeup remover and refine the damaged line. If it has not only smudged, but faded, you only then have permission to grab your liner and do a bit of recon. Just don’t go too heavy and have to adjust the other side to match.


Blunder #3: Your Spray Tan Is Too Dark

The Solution: If you’ve taken your tan a little too much to the dark side, look to lemon and baking soda. Soak in a bath infused with the combo to lighten up the colour, and a scrub to eliminate streaks and stains. If you decide to strip it off completely, opt for a quick-developing at-home mousse – you can see where you’re putting it, and are able to manage the depth of colour. J Bronze 1 Hour Rapid Tan Mousse is easy to apply (with a tanning mitt) and the colour result is lovely and natural.


Blunder #4: You Applied Too Much Product On Your Hair

The Solution: A dab of product accidentally turns into a blob, and next thing you know your hair is in total havoc. Eek! But before you get the clippers out, look to dry shampoo. Simply spray a little in the offending areas and use your fingers to shake it through so it will dislodge and soak up any excess product on your strands. Depending on how much time you have, you may need to rethink your ‘do to hide the over-load – an easy and effective style that works with heavy product is a quick and simple chignon. Have some bobby pins at the ready and gather your hair at the nape of your neck. Slowly twist hair in an upward direction, so that one side is wrapping to the other, and pin to secure as you go. If your hair is short, tuck the ends of your hair (at the top of the twist, which should go as far up as your crown) back into the twist and secure with pins; if your hair is long, twist ends around into a bun shape at the top of the chignon and secure. We don’t want spiky bits at the top.


Blunder #5: Your Lashes Are Clumpy

The Solution: Either nab a clean mascara wand, or remove as much formula as you can from the brush in your regular tube. Then, run it through your lashes one last time to see if you can brush out the buildup. Clear mascara works a treat for this, as you won’t be adding more excess product onto the lashes. Worst case, use a cotton pad and some eye makeup remover and gently pat your lashes until all or most of the mascara has been removed, then reapply with a gentler hand. Don’t forget to fix up any eye makeup you may have removed in the process.


Blunder #6: You Damaged Your Manicure

The Solution: There’s nothing more frustrating than when you finish your manicure, and then accidentally dent it. If you’re looking for a quick fix, nail polish remover should do the trick. Add a small portion to the pad of your finger and smooth it over the bump. Finish with a coat of clear polish. If the chip is more drastic, use some of the same colour polish (it’s always a good idea to take home the colour you’ve had done at the salon) to go over the nail. Your manicure will be instantly restored.

What advice do you have on avoiding these common beauty accidents? What was your worst beauty blunder? 


Story by Stephanie Russo

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  1. February 8, 2017

    I’m now nearly 50 years old and I overplucked my brows to nearly nothing when I was younger. Is there any chance this brow serum could miraculously regrow them to what they once were? Or do you have any other suggestions for getting them back after all these years?

  2. February 8, 2017

    My mum taught me that when your nail is nearly dry (or so you think!) and you hit something and get those little texture marks on it, simply licking your nail tends to even it back out! (This only works if your nails are nearly dry!! Do NOT lick wet nail polish please!)

  3. February 15, 2017

    Never heard of the baking soda and lemon trick, the time will definitely come for me to try it with my unfortunate heavy had with tanner. Thanks! x

  4. February 15, 2017

    My worst beauty blunder: too much bronzer to the point I look a bit dirty, it’s hard to fix without completely starting over