I don’t need every product in my beauty cupboard to look chic enough to qualify for a feed post selfie; in fact, there’s something comforting about the unchanging and unsophisticated aesthetics of the more basic elements of our routines. But while the less glitzy aisles of my local chemist will always have their charms for me (and I stand by my conviction that the original Dove deodorant has one of the loveliest smells of all my non-perfume beauty products), I have been enjoying a new crop of slickly packaged, expensive smelling deodorants that lift a daily non-negotiable out of the ordinary.

Corpus Naturals Third Rose

The scent profile of this beauty reads not unlike some expensive niche perfume, featuring rose, Italian mandarin, and cedar root. Those averse to rose scents in general need not be put off: it’s more of a subtle nod to the flower, and one that feels on the whole verdant and fresh. The brand describes it, accurately to my mind, like ‘a greenhouse in bloom’.

Caudalie Vinofresh Deodorant

The cult Gallic brand’s first deodorant, Vinofresh offers a hefty dose of sinus-clearing and oh-so-fresh eucalyptus, which can’t fail to invigorate first thing, and as the entire range is largely crafted around the fruits of the vine, unsurprisingly grape water also features here. If you’re looking for a refreshing and aluminium-free option for day-to-day wear this would be just lovely.

Mecca Athletica Aluminium-Free Deodorant

This deodorant forms part of Mecca’s own capsule collection of athleisure inspired skincare: perfect for days when you’re working out, or even just vaguely considering it. It smells fresh and zingy, and contains anti-microbial essential oils to prevent odour in the first place alongside jojoba oil to moisturise – especially good if you have particularly delicate underarms.

Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream

Perhaps the closest you will get to skincare for your underarms, this formulation contains marula oil and shea butter, to reinforce the skin barrier, alongside bacteria-killing mandelic acid. The latter of which gives it a deliciously almondy scent – heads up to all the marzipan obsessives out there (myself included). 

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie; holding shot of Laetitia Casta via Instagram @itsclaudiaclark

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