When it comes to Christmas gifting, the beauty world really shows off. There are so many wonderful limited edition products and packaging that make spoiling our loved ones (and making our own wish lists) so easy. But, you needn't wait for Christmas morning to unwrap the goodies - there are festive beauty baubles to hang from your tree and display asap. So forget the bows and tinsel (well, at least move it to the side), here are the six best beauty ornaments that will not only adorn your pine but are seriously great products, too...



Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser Ornament

A skincare product so iconic, you’ll want to put it right at the top. Suitable for all skin types, the best-selling cleanser gently removes makeup, dirt and oil from your skin in a mini travel-size bottle that will be perfect for your post-Chrissy getaway.

With a full-sized head on a travel-sized handle, this contour brush will beautify your makeup routine just as much as it will your tree. Keep an eye out for wandering hands though – this is one highly coveted Christmas decoration.

There’s a reason this is the number one selling mascara in the world. With a brush designed to mimic an hourglass body shape, this it perfectly lifts, coats and separates your lashes. If the lash lift isn’t enough to convince you, just how cute is the rose and gold packaging?

An ultra-hydrating moisturiser developed with plastic surgeons (so you know you’re going to see the results fast), this mini tub of youthful goodness will keep skin looking firmer, plumper and smoother through the festive season and beyond.

Enjoy seeing this chic and colourful bauble on your tree all Christmas, then enjoy it all over again when you use the fiery pink pepper, ginger and patchouli body wash contained inside for a long, hot shower. Our personal fave of the year.

You can never have enough of these lip life savers. Packed full of lanolin to nourish lips as well as give a festive-inspired pinky-red tint, this is a mini you’ll want to hang all over your tree.

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