Not only does it look manky, neglected makeup spreads bacteria, and stale skincare can end up doing you more harm than good. So take a minute (or five, depending on what we’re working with) and ask yourself these three simple make up mantras: what stays, what goes and what’s pro?




Perfume tends to last between three to five years after the production date. Despite how pretty it looks by the sink, it’s wise not to keep fragrances in the bathroom, where fluctuating temperatures and high humidity can lead to their deterioration. Consider your dressing table or a shelf inside your cupboard instead. If it’s a limited edition or your absolute favourite many perfumers recommend the vegetable crisper of your fridge.

Pressed Powders

The trusty compact will last a good two years when used in moderation. A powdered illuminator or blush won’t dry out and harvests very little bacteria. To avoid crumbing, it’s best stored in a little zipped pouch and kept separately in your beauty bag or handbag.


Some experts give it a year, others give it four depending entirely on your levels of TLC. The first sign it’s on the decline will be the smell (you’ll know it when you get a whiff). To avoid wasting a perfectly heavenly hue, you can also store your lipstick in an airtight storage container in the fridge. To avoid excessive usage, shade your lips entirely with lip liner and dab with balm pre-application.


Liquid Foundation

If you tend to opt for a fresh, dewy base, it may be time to part with your foundation. Most liquid foundations have a shelf life of about six to eleven months, but the most obvious telltale sign it’s time to bid adieu is when the formula starts to separate. If you need to shake it up pre-application it’s time to go!


The love for your mascara should be a short-lived affair at best. Most pro’s give mascara a shelf life of about three to four months and considering this go-to is applied to the eyes it’s best not to risk it and stretch out the grace period! To make it last the full mile, avoid pumping the wand in and out during application, this will prevent air creeping in and drying out the formula.

Nail Polish

We all love a killer hue, but when it’s time to say farewell, you need to call it a day. Here’s hoping your favorite nail shade isn’t limited edition! Depending on how often you fly, the air pressure can cause caps to unscrew and maximize the leakage freakage (not to mention destroy the rest of your beauty bag). To stretch it out the full year, keep your nail polish in the freezer (Naomi Campbell once famously said, “All you’ll find in a supermodel’s freezer is vodka and nail polish.” If it’s good enough for the super-mod squad…)


Eye Lash Curler

A good eyelash curler will completely reinvent your approach to beauty buys, and a great one will last the extra mile. Alas, like all great investments, be sure to take care of this one and clean it regularly. The classic Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is an all time great, this little miracle deserves all the kudos it gets.

Hair Brushes

Hairbrushes can collect dirt, dust and excess product buildup from your strands. While you probably rid the bristles on the regular, you should also consider doing a deeper clean weekly. Imagine all the grime you’d be brushing back into your mane without even realizing it. Invest in a coveted classic that’ll go the distance, try the Mason Pearson Hairbrush.

Makeup Brushes

It’s natural to get a little attached to our favourite brushes. To keep them in rotation for as long as possible, try to wash them every two-three months. A great brush formula like Brush With Success – Conditioning Brush Cleaner by Mecca Cosmetica is ideal but an organic or super sensitive shampoo like Johnson’s No More Tears Baby Shampoo is just as savvy!

Words by Ashley Ropati.

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  1. July 2, 2014

    I have never thought to wash my make up brushes with Johnsons – I usually just use water – that is a great idea, thanks!