Just as we thought there wasn’t anything more to love about actress, super-mum and all-round beauty (whose hairstyles make up the majority of our Pinterest pins), she’s gone and given us more. At yesterday’s latest L’Oreal Paris product line launch, the Byron-adopted Spanish beauty revealed her love of Australia, and how this love affair had her breaking a pact she made with Aussie actor husband, Chris Hemsworth.


“When we met, we said we’d never make [the move] to Australia for him, or Spain for me,” she said to the event’s host, Magdalena Roze. “But Byron just felt so special, I’m in love with it, I fell in love with the vibe.”

In fact, Pataky’s connection to land and nature is exactly why she paired with L’Oreal Paris’ new Botanicals Fresh Care range – a delicious haircare line with the hero ingredients of coriander, safflower, geranium and camelina, with a refreshing focus on sustainability and eco-conscious ethos.


“I wouldn’t promote something if I didn’t believe in it,” she explained, speaking to beauty media in the botanic-filled Centennial Park’s Centennial Homestead. “My son, he loves it!”

Of course, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her face the range, and continue to sew seeds here (we’re all definitely ready to do a pavlova/Crowded House-esque heist and claim this girl as our own). Although, there appears to be no evidence the famous family will be leaving Aussie shores anytime soon.


“I think [Australians and Spaniards] have the same sense of humour. It’s been great, and my daughter is not interested in anything I do, she just want to feed the horses hay [at their home]” she said.

She also discussed balancing motherhood with a demanding career, Hollywood husband and three kids (including twins).

“I think it’s just, as we say, taking time for yourself. It’s very important. As hard as it is, I want to be 100% a mum. I haven’t had a pedicure in two years! I think I should get time for me.”

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Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith; Images courtesy of L’Oreal Paris

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  1. May 15, 2017

    Elsa is such a natural beauty and her family is absolutely swoon-worthy! I’m obsessed with her hair – she’s the perfect face for this new L’Oreal line, can’t wait to try!

  2. May 15, 2017

    Hahaha, this article really caught my eye because I always thought they were a great family. Love that the big pact she broke involved her moving to a wonderful country! X