Facial massages are not just a way to relax and de-stress; they can also help enhance your facial features. Although results will vary between individuals, facial yoga instructor, Masumi, says certain types of facial exercises can lift, tighten and contour the face, in the same way that exercises can help tone and sculpt our bodies. Other proponents such as facial massage expert, Anastacia, say the results from simple facial massages can be so significant, that people often accuse herself and even her clients of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Intrigued by the viral transformations across social media, Beauticate writer, Kristina, trialled a suite of different facial massages to see whether the hype was real. Whilst some massages offered short term benefits or no results at all, she discovered a handful of effective massage techniques that made a visible aesthetic difference. Read on for 6 tried-and-trusted massages that may help you achieve your personal beauty goals -- whether it be brighter eyes, a slimmer nose, plumper lips or reduction in facial puffiness and wrinkles.  

How long should each facial massage step take?

The recommended duration for each individual step within the massages below is 30 seconds. For example: Complete step 1 in 30 seconds, then proceed to step 2 for 30 seconds and so on.

Facial Massage for Smaller Nose

1) Use your knuckles to massage both sides of your nostrils, in a circular motion.

2) Place one knuckle on each side of your nostrils.

Massage upwards in a zigzag motion until you reach the lower eyelids. Then massage downwards in a zigzag motion, until you reach the nasal base.

3) Completely cover both sides of your nose (use four fingers for each side). Then slide your fingers up and down vertically.

4) Use four fingers tips from your left hand to press against the entire right area of your nose. Hold this position for the duration of this instruction.

Place four fingers from your other hand on the edges of the right side of your nose and proceed to massage towards your temple in an upward, gliding motion.

5) Press your nose together by deeply inhaling – think of it as squeezing your nose together by holding your breath in.

Then exhale, and repeat the “inhale-exhale” motion.

6) Use your finger tips to press the sides of your nose together.

At the same time, smile widely and then purse your lips together in an “air kiss” pose.

7)  Use your knuckles to pinch your nose tip inwards.

8) Start from the sides of your nostrils and use your knuckles to slide upwards until you reach the inner corner of your eyebrows.

Then glide your knuckles alongside the area slightly beneath the eyebrows and also just above the eyebrows.

Facial massage to reduce double chin and puffiness

1) Open you mouth widely and smile. Then press your lips together in an air-kiss expression.

2) Open your mouth widely and smile, so that your mouth is shaped like an upside down triangle. Then proceed to press your lips together whilst you close your eyes.

3) Use your tongue to circle around your teeth in an anti-clockwise motion and then clockwise manner.

4) Massage your jaw area in a circular motion, whilst your mouth remains open.

Facial massage for brighter eyes

1) Massage your eyebrows in a “pinching” motion from the inner corner of your eyebrows to the outer.

2) Use two fingers to massage your temple area in an upward circular motion.

3) Place your palms on the upper third of your head and lift your palm upwards, as though you are pulling your skin back.

4) Use two fingers to lift the outer corner of the eyebrows upwards in a vibrating motion.

Then proceed to lift the middle of your eyebrows in the same upwards, vibrating manner.

Facial massage for 11 lines

1) Hold a knuckle on the inner corner of one eyebrow.

Simultaneously, place a knuckle on the skin just above the inner corner of the other eyebrow. Then, use that knuckle to push and pull the skin in a horizontal manner, until you reach the outer corner of the eyebrows.

2) Press your index finger on the glabella (i.e. region between your eyebrows) horizontally and hold this position. Then, place a knuckle slightly beneath the index finger and proceed to massage upwards in a vibrating motion, until you reach the glabella.

Facial massage for plumper lips

1)  Slightly tilt your head and hold one finger on the centre of your lower lip.

2) Use your tongue to push the lower lips outwards — beginning from one corner of the lips to another. Simultaneously, use one finger to massage the lip line, so it is in sync with your tongue movements (e.g. same direction and placement). After completing this massage on your lower lip, apply the same instructions to your upper lip.

3) Repeat steps 1-2, three times.

Facial massage to lift eyebrows

1) Place your hands underneath the outer eyebrow.

2) Pinch the skin just below your outer eyebrow and continue in an upward, diagonal manner until you reach the upper temple/scalp area.

Story by Kristina Zhou. Holding image by Vogue.

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