We all have our guilty pleasures, and maybe on the odd occasion have been so actually in love with a glorious donut that yeah ok, you could face snuggle into its sugary goodness... But, then society gets judgey and we stop ourselves from coating ourselves with icing. What we're here to tell you is that maybe rethink that self-control. Sort of. Putting food on your face, as a makeup or beauty product, is a legit thing, we swear. Foraging in your pantry can offer some amazing back-up options when your beauty cabinet is looking a bit bare. We found a few food items that you can use as a natural (or desperate) alternative to makeup and skincare. But, because we know this isn't going to be everyone's deal (some people want to respect food for its purpose and all that) we've also thrown in our favourite food-inspired products to go get your gourmand on.


There’s a reason berries are such a sensual fruit, they marry so well with lips. Berry pouts are universally flattering, and can be achieved with actual berries. The overall effect is more of a stain (well, it is literally a lip stain) than a heavily pigmented lipstick. Berries like blackberries and raspberries have colourful juices full of deep, wine-y hues. If your sans a close-by shade, but have a few punnets handy, move them out of the fridge and let them sit at room temperature for a while. Then, squeeze a bit of the juice out onto your ring finger (mixed with a clear lip balm or paw paw ointment so your lips don’t dry out) and dap across your lips. Add more depending on the depth of colour your after. Bonus, it’ll taste delicious.

For the product lovers…


Not only is cocao powder delicious and filled with nutrients, it has also earned its right on your skin. And, if you’ve ever had the unfortunate mishap of spilling the powder, and the subsequent impossibility of easily wiping off, it’s easy to see why it might be a wonder makeup stand-in. Its naturally dark golden shade works as an excellent bronzer (just be sparse with how much you apply to your bronzing brush) and eye shadow. Keep the powder confined (ahem, earlier spill…) and rationed – the best way is use a small bowl and teaspoon out one or two scoops. Then, dip in your brush, and lightly swirl onto all the areas you’d ordinarily use a bronzer like the décolletage and cheekbones, and use your eyeshadow brush (allowing a little more powder on the brush) to crease of your eyelids. Too easy.

For the product lovers…



Honestly though, coconut oil is a bit of show off… Competing oils must be in a permanent state of eyeroll emoji every time this little wonder makes its way onto yet another beauty list. In fact, one of Beauticate’s most commonly searched for story is removing makeup with coconut oil...  But, sorry about it, guys, it has yet another nifty use. If you’re aiming for a natural alternative to a cheekbone highlighter, coconut oil may be your new secret weapon. Packed with moisturising properties, simply put a few drops of the oil onto your ring finger and pat it on the highest points of your cheekbones for an instant, radiant glow. If the oil is solidified (as it does in the winter), just put a small amount in between your palms and put your hands in a prayer position to warm it up. Avoid heating in a microwave for this – you don’t want to burn yourself!

For the product lovers…


Brown sugar is a bit of a dark horse in the kitchen… It’s often considered a nostalgic ingredient to the oats of our childhood, baking with grandparents in the non raw-treats, full-of-butter and sugar kind of way. Yet, we all seem to own it, even if the last time we used a baking tray was to put it back when it fell out of the cupboard accidentally. Mostly, because the sweet granule is the hidden flavour in so many savoury dishes (red Thai curry being a bit of a Beauticate fave…) and, although this is a happy accident to you having brown sugar in your possession, it’s a damn good beauty product. Brown sugar is a key ingredient in many exfoliating scrubs and perfect when mixed with honey for getting rid of dry skin on your lips, body and even helping to massage out cellulite.  Simply mix equal parts of your scrub concoction (ground coffee is a nice addition, too) together, grab a handful  and rub in circular motions along your desired areas to reveal softer smoother skin. In fact, the consistency of brown sugar makes it conducive to compacting it into a small jar without a lot of mess, so carry a little bit around with you for a quick, tasty lip scrub on the go.

For the product lovers…

Story by Faarah Ameerally and Rikki Hodge-Smith

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  1. July 20, 2017

    How long does this berry lip last?

  2. July 20, 2017

    I never thought to use coconut oil as a highlighter! Great idea