You know when people say someone ‘has something about them’, that special quality that makes them stand out in a crowd? Well, that’s exactly how we’d describe Ashley Hart. The model and Swisse ambassador seems to emanate a glow that, excuse the cliche, radiates from within. There’s just no other way to put it – the girl is sunshine personified. She’s bright and bubbly, engaging and connected and dedicated to keeping her inside as nurtured and pampered as her outside. So, naturally, when we recently had the chance to chat with the blonde Bondi beauty we knew exactly what we wanted to know – how does she do it? Here, she gives us all the details of her morning routine for us to emulate, and then patiently wait for some serious glow…

Waking Up:


What’s your bedroom vibe?

At the moment I’ve got a pale peach and green theme going, it’s kind of inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel. I have crystals for good energy.

Tell us about your sheets and bed…

I have a douvet in the colour scheme of my room that I love. I’m fanatical about making my bed, it’s a thing I’ve had since I was 16. I have a really specific way of making it that no one else can do as good as I can.

When do you wake up and how much sleep do you get?

I try to get eight hours of sleep. For the most part I go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6am. I’m really grateful for the intelligence of the body, I don’t use alarms or apps if I’m at home. When I’ve been travelling and have jet lag I go to bed early, like 8pm and wake up at 4am. But I’m lucky that my body adapts well to travel and it doesn’t take long to readjust.

It’s often the most Simple of moments that make me most happy! Home sweet Home!

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Daily Rituals:


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Do you exercise in the morning?

Yes, I try to do something every morning. Normally it’s yoga, I have my own little practice that I do myself to set up the day. Sometimes I’m lucky and, like today, I will be on a shoot that requires me to do some yoga so I can multi-task. I also have been doing some Muay Thai boxing and dancing, just to break it up a bit.

Do you do any meditation or mental prep for the day?

Yes, every morning I get up and splash water on my face, put on a face oil and then go back to bed and do 20 minutes of Vedic meditation, every single day.

Do you select your outfit the night before or wing it in the morning?

I actually find choosing an outfit an almost spiritual process. I really love it. I take my time and let the clothes kind of come to me… Just let my mood dictate what I’m going to wear, I do it very mindfully. At the moment, my favourite clothing item is a new super lightweight trench from Camilla, I’m a bit obsessed with it.


In the shower:


Soap or body wash?

I use the Swisse Lemongrass Body Wash and Sea Salt Body Polish

Do you wash your hair every day?

It depends on what I’m doing. If I’m in the ocean a lot I’ll probably wash it a bit more, but just a couple of times a week normally.

What skincare and body products do you put on when you get out?

Argan Body Cream. I also use coconut oil on my body – you can use it for anything! It can be solid so if you let it warm while you’re in the shower and pop it on while your skin is still wet, it soaks in and feels amazing. Then the argan cream after I’ve dried myself.


What do you usually eat?

In the morning, I actually don’t eat anything. I fast until I have lunch at about 1pm. I have Bullet Proof coffee in the morning instead. It’s black coffee with MCT or coconut oil and grass fed butter in it, then I put it in the blender for a few seconds and it comes out creamy. It tastes good and I feel really focussed and alert. I sometimes make it at home, but there’s a local cafe in Bondi who do an amazing one too, so I love to go there.

Tea or coffee?

I do really love tea, too. Through the day and at night I love beautiful herbal teas. It’s a real comfort thing.


Game Face:


What are your daily must-have makeup essentials?

I try to keep things pretty simple. Just a BB cream with an SPF and mascara. I like a good statement lip if I’m going out somewhere or to an event.

A good hair day tip?

The best thing I’ve ever put on my hair is actually coconut oil! I just use it as a mask and it makes my hair feel really soft.

What time do you start work?

Totally depends on what job I have that day. For the Swisse campaign we were up really early to catch the sunrise! Which was actually really beautiful because I got to do some yoga and meditate all while technically working. Every day is different.

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Interview by Rikki Hodge-Smith

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  1. October 18, 2017

    Please please please do a proof read – duvet, sunrise not sunset and your skin (not you’re).

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