There’s a skincare range for nearly everyone these days. Whether you’re an animal-adoring vegan with a penchant for hemp; a clinically-minded minimalist; or a fitness fanatic who likes to wear makeup to the gym; there’s a brand specifically for you. But, believe it or not, despite being one of the most ancient social sub-genres, yogis haven’t really had their own dedicated beauty line. Until now, that is.

The Yoga Beauty Launch Event

Yoga Beauty recently launched in Australia with an event and yoga lesson with Bernadette Fahey. I was instantly intrigued by the products. The holistic lifestyle and beauty range consists of eight specialty products designed to incorporate yoga into your daily routine. Founder Cherie Cady-Ellis had a lightbulb moment while doing online yoga classes during COVID. She wanted products that were inspired by individual yoga poses and the benefits they give. When she couldn’t find anything like that, she decided to make her own. She found an ancient hero ingredient in Seabuckthorn Oil

Founder Cherie Cady-Ellis and yoga instructor Bernadette Fahey

The nourishing Seabuckthorn Oil contains four essential fatty acids (Omegas 3,6, 9 and 7) that fights dryness and other signs of ageing and also contains sixty antioxidants, twenty minerals and an extensive list of vitamins. The products utilise a signature scent and natural ingredients while being proudly vegan and free from parabens, SLS and synthetic fragrances. I decided to put it to the test, hand in hand with my yoga practice. 

Yoga Beauty Essential Oil

My own journey with yoga has been a meandering one. In my twenties, I was a pretty devoted yogi. I did the 40-day challenge at Body Mind Life, read Baron Baptiste and took my yoga mat down to Bondi to bend myself into pretzelly positions. I was never amazing at it (possessing too-tight hamstrings and a dodgy neck that feared back bends) however it made me pretty happy and I routinely leant on my practice in times of stress and chaos. But then something happened. Let’s call it kids.

Downward Dog

Fast forward twelve years and yearning to return to the mat, I started trying out my local Northern Beaches yoga offerings. After some very slow classes with the silver-haired set at the surf club and a jerky hatha style session at a gym, I was getting despondent. My neighbour mentioned a small studio near her husband’s office around the back of Warriewood called Spirit Flow Yoga.

Unrolling my mat in the heated room, with its view out to a forest of green, I felt an immediate sense of calm. Even though I lumbered through the next hour looking more like a broken lawn chair than a yogi, I knew I’d found my spiritual home. Returning over the passing weeks, my stiffest kinks began to loosen and I rediscovered my love for yoga.

Warrior One Post

At first, the physical benefits were most obvious. I noticed that I was becoming stronger and more flexible (a miracle in and of itself). But what really surprised me was the mental clarity and focus that came with the practice. I found myself more able to handle the daily stresses of life, whether it was a pesky deadline or stressfully-feuding siblings. 

Mikaela Lecanzo De Orleans at the Yoga Beauty Launch

Let’s talk about said siblings for a second. As any parent knows, trying to find a moment of peace and quiet is like trying to find a unicorn. But with yoga, I discovered that I could steal a few precious moments of calm. Whether it was a quick downward dog in the bedroom or a few deep breaths in the kitchen, yoga became my little slice of sanity. 

The Mist is based on Pigeon Pose

It’s this notion that Cherie wanted to capture with Yoga Beauty. Her essential oil blends are the perfect partner to those moments. Now, when I steal away for a me-moment, I’ll grab the Yoga Beauty Revitalising Mist Spray and mist it all about my person. The face and room spray is inspired by Kapotasana (pigeon pose) and is designed to spark up your senses while also hydrating the skin. It’s jam packed with the superstar Seabuckthorn Oil along with  Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Blueberry Extract.

The Body Cleanse is based on Child’s Pose

Of course, there are still days when I feel like a hot mess express on my mat. And I literally am, because Spirit Flow is heated, usually to about 37 degrees (it’s hot but not as hot as Bikram, thankfully!).  So, yes, you sweat. I love the sweat, when you walk out you feel like you’ve been in a sauna. The most magic moment though, is when you hit the shower post session and lather up with a beautifully scented body wash. Lately it’s been Yoga Beauty Body Cleanse, that’s based on Balasana (child’s pose). Infused with Seabuckthorn Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Blueberry and Kakadu Plum it’s deliciously foaming while still being hydrating.

The Body Cream is super hydrating

I finish with a generous layer of my favourite product from the range: the Body Oil, which funnily enough is also based on my favourite pose: Shavasana (corpse pose – which comes at the end of a sequence). The rich and unctuous body oil pairs Seabuckthorn Oil with Sunflower Seed Oil and Grape Seed Oil along with a gorgeous scent to embalm your body in nature’s most healing ingredients. 

The benefits of yoga are many

So if you haven’t rolled out your mat in years, or perhaps you’ve never tried yoga at all, I encourage you to give it a go. Sure, you may feel all stiff-limbs-akimbo at first, with time and practice, you’ll be doing backbends like a pro. And, if you pair it with a tailor-made beauty range in the process, you will most certainly find peace and calm in the chaos of daily life.

Words: Sigourney Cantelo

In Partnership with Yoga Beauty.

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