Retreatment Botanics is the brand Olivia Newton-John co-founded with skin expert Trudi Jaye in Byron Bay. Olivia was also the owner of Gaia Retreat and Spa and came up with the idea of a skincare range as a way for her retreat guests to take the magic – and results – of the spa home with them. She and Trudi set about creating a natural beauty range that was also potent and efficacious. 

After the recent devastating loss of Olivia, Sigourney sat down with Trudi to hear how the brand is moving forward while upholding the values held so dear to its founders.

Trudi explains how she and Olivia decided they wanted to go Palm Oil Free and how challenging the formulating process was. They since became the first premium skincare range to be completely free from Palm Oil. Many other brands use derivatives of palm oil which don’t show up in the ingredients.

Trudi talks us through her favourite product, how she formulates with essential oils for their effect on skin and spirit, and how important it is to carve out all important moments of self care for yourself. 

In Partnership with Retreatment Botanics.

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