Want a set of perfect pearlers? Good news, we know just how to get them. Whether you’ve had a long standing feud with your teeth since your teens, or just need a little tweak, Principal and owner of Pitt Street Dental Centre, Dr. Michael Cai is a smile saviour. We asked him for the latest and best dental innovations to achieve ultimate #smilegoals and, lucky for us all, he gladly obliged.

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1. Smile Express

What is it?

Cerec Omni Cam Technology

This procedure is essentially a one-stop smile shop for ceramic tooth restoration. Perfect for those of us with little time to spare for lengthy chairside appointments, an appointment involves digital impressions and a computer generated construction of your tooth. “Patients can be given crowns, inlays/ on lays (restorations) in just one appointment,” says Dr Michael. “We are always looking for long term conservative solutions for patients.”

The CEREC Omni Cam is a hand-held device that takes a photo of the problem area to create a virtual model of your mouth. The dentist then restores the tooth on screen, and the ceramic piece is made while you wait. Et voila! A custom made smile in your lunch break.

Cost: Ranges from $1280-$1890.


2. Gum Control

What is it?

Gum Contouring

The catalyst for being self-conscious about your smile isn’t always tooth related. Having excess gum, or gum that is disproportionate to the size of your teeth, is a common dental concern that can really knock the confidence levels. So, if you are concerned about a gummy smile, gum contouring may be the answer to your troubles. A minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure that Dr Michael says will leave you with the smile of your dreams.

“Depending on the case, this procedure is laser or hand performed. This gets rid of a gummy smile by exposing more tooth,” he says. “There is no downtime, [but] the area is tender for a few days. Just be sure to carefully look after the area post-procedure and not [eat] anything too hot.”

Cost: From $200 per tooth


3. Bright Whites

What is it?

Philip Zoom White Speed

Over time, your teeth slowly start to lose brightness, becoming stained by vices like coffee, wine and (tsk tsk!) cigarettes, as well as just general ageing. Not wanting to give up our caffeine and vino, , we’ve become fans of the wonderful world of teeth whitening. But, we can be a little impatient… Enter: Philip Zoom. A leader in teeth whitening, it is said to be the secret to a whiter, brighter smile, and, even better, it has a new and improved model for the sensitive-prone.

“There is now a control panel so we can increase or decrease the intensity of the light. If a patient is prone to sensitivity we can reduce the light to start and increase when required,” explains Dr Michael. “This makes teeth whitening far more comfortable.” For an a quick fix, the Philips Zoom Quick Pro treatment takes just 10 minutes to apply and is self-removed after 30 minutes. The treatment is instant, safe and highly effective.

Cost: White Speed; Special for Beauticate readers, $595. Quick Pro; Special for Beauticate readers, $220.


4. Long-Term Cover

What is it?

Veneer System- Edelweiss Veneers Technology

It’s all about time and ease these days, and fortunately for us dental treatments are starting to reflect this. Life is busy and dentistry has changed considerably to accommodate treatment that is safe, fast, effective and that lasts long term. Insert the Veneer System. Dr. Michael gives us the lowdown on this technology.

“A laser centered glass, pre-fabricated veneer, which can be done in one appointment. We offer local anesthetic so you are numb for around three hours. This treatment falls between composite veneers and porcelain veneers. If done well they look fantastic. It can be used to perfect a smile, straighten teeth and close gaps. They keep their shine and are fabulous for the right candidate.”

Cost from $680 per tooth.


5. The Short Goodnight

What is it?

Sedation Dentistry

Hate the dentist? No problem, you can sleep through the whole thing. Even if you’re not scared of the dentist chair, it’s never a pleasant experience. As a result, it can mean simply neglecting your dental health. Thankfully, you can now take the anxiety out of dental visits through sedation dentistry.

“This is absolutely wonderful for patients who have had a bad previous experience, have anxiety or who simply wants to “wake up to a new smile!” Simple and easy,” says Dr Michael. “The only requirement is fasting before [your appointment] and someone needs to collect you once you’ve finished your treatment. For relaxation we also offer noise cancelling head phones, [and] if patients wish to select music of their choice we play that.”

Story by Steph Russo

All Beauticate readers are welcome to take advantage of a complimentary examination with bite wing x-rays valued at $155 at Pitt Street Dental Centre.

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  1. August 25, 2016

    Wow, what an interesting article – loved the deals exclusive for Beauticate readers. Very helpful, thanks! Xx

  2. August 25, 2016

    I’ve always felt like I’ve had an extremely gummy smile, but have been scared to get any surgery done because it seems like a big ordeal. I can’t believe their gum contouring has no down time! Although $200 a tooth will definitely add up, I think it’s time for me to start saving and finally get a smile I’m not self-conscious about.

  3. August 28, 2016

    Love the information in this, thanks! x

  4. August 28, 2016

    Is teeth whitening healthy in the long run? I’ve heard mixed reviews