We owe a lot to Instagram: The food porn, the voyeurism and the contact with the most coveted celebrities. But, where it truly finds its groove in our hearts is in the filter scroll. One switch from Normal to Earlybird and your selfie goes from delete worthy to double tap-able. But try as we may, life simply can’t be lived on a pic feed, so here’s how to get a real time #Iwokeuplikethis.


Amaro Filter

Its function: Light and flawless

In real life: Think enhancing cheekbones and slim-lining the angles of your face with softer highlighting as opposed to dramatic dark shading. Apply a lightweight, matte foundation base before mixing a little with a crème concealer for a slightly lighter shade. Apply mixed formula over the T-zone, along the cheekbones and brow bone. Apply a liquid illuminator along the jaw-line and at the temples. Blend by first pressing into skin, then smooth out any definition between the concealer and highlighter with fingertips or foundation brush.  Brush finishing veil over the whole face to eliminate any shine.


Rise Filter

Its function: Glowy finish

In real life: Use a primer to ensure you’re working a clean slate. If sleep has eluded you, tap a little concealer on the inner-eye groove and let it absorb into the skin. Combine a light, dewy foundation with a tiny amount of crushed-powder or liquid bronzer for a natural, sun-touched start. Using a powder or liquid highlighter, glide under the brow and cheekbones, and blend with fingertips or brush. Using a large makeup brush, sweep a lightly shimmered bronzer as a blusher and along the hairline.


Valencia Filter

Its function: Blemish-free and youthful

In real life: Start in the kitchen. When skin is sallow and not revealing its youthful potential, all the makeup in the world can’t substitute the alternative laser lift that is an ice cube. Smooth a chip over clean skin for a couple of minutes to shock skin into taught submission – and it’ll wake you up more than your morning piccolo. Dry face and apply an ultra-moisturising face cream before applying a dewy foundation base. Complete with a finishing veil powder and a sweep of peachy powder to the cheekbones for a fresh, flushed finish.


X-Pro II Filter

Its function: Vibrant and warm

In real life: Rebel against the crisp threat of winter with a back-from-Seychelles glow. Be sure to prep the skin with primer and liquid foundation first; bronzers need a smooth, clear base to avoid blotching and streaking. Using a powder bronzer, tap off excess from the brush and lightly glide a figure three on each side of the face – starting at the hairline, work a semi-circle over the temple and down the cheekbone, then around again along the jaw line. Be sure to blend where defined powder lines are visible.


Story by Rikki Hodge.

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