If I can find the silver lining in the seasonal cloud that is winter, then it’s got to be that it’s the perfect time for skin treatments. I’m talking lasers, peels, microdermabrasion, dermapen… Stay with me here... Not only is the weather nasty, the sun is weak so, naturally, you’ll spend less time and money on socialising alfresco. Why not devote all that extra love to investing in your skin? Also, when you’re having any kind of professional skin treatments you have to avoid the sun completely, so it can heal. Ergo: it’s the perfect time to put your skin into rehab. The only downside? Dermal distress. Yep, we’re talking redness, flakiness, bumpiness – these treatments cause micro injuries to the skin, so naturally some healing has to take place.

Of course, there are other reasons your skin might be freaking out this time of year – indoor heating combined with outdoor elements, hot showers, antibiotics and dehydration can all result in a complete complexion meltdown.So… what to do when your skin is FREAKING out? Treat it with as much TLC as possible. Enter Vitamin E serum from Alpha-H’s Vitamin Profiling Collection. I like to think of this as ER for your skin. Why?

A super-powered antioxidant, Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that creates an anti-inflammatory response in the skin – which is just what we need when our dermis is having a hissy fit. Vitamin E actually produces Connective Tissue Growth Factors in the cells, helping to create new collagen – which are the building blocks of skin. Using Vitamin E serum when your skin is upset helps give it the tools to mend itself. You wouldn’t knock down a wall in your house without calling in the builders to fix it up, after, so you shouldn’t attempt any kind of dermal rejuvenation without piling on the vitamin E afterwards.

Another thing? Vitamin E is ace at healing scars, too. I’ve had a rather stubborn scar on my thigh from having a mole removed. It was looking very red and angry a few months ago, but nightly massage with the Alpha H Vitamin E has faded it to pale pink. (Hurrah! Shorts for me this summer!)

Speaking of which, Vitamin E is also great after UV exposure as it can actually heal sun-induced swelling and redness from a severe sunburn. In studies, it was found to reduce redness from sunburn with similar results to .5% hydrocortisone.

Finally? Our new best mate Vitamin E can also make anti-aging claims – as the connection between inflammation and ageing is now well-known. So try switching up your nightly routine with some Vitamin E serum. I like to alternate it with the Vitamin A serum of an evening when my skin is not looking it’s happiest. It works best while you sleep and your body is in repair mode. Got to love something that works while you rest. You – and your skin – will most certainly wake up happier.

Story by Sigourney. Photography by Alice Mahran and Catherine Barnes. In Association with Alpha-H.

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  1. July 13, 2017

    I didn’t know Vitamin E could help heal scars

  2. July 13, 2017

    Should you only use Vitamin E when trying to repair your skin on occasion or should you use it daily?