If the party season has left your white Sheridan sheets a tell-tale shade of St Tropez bronze, or there’s foundation lacing the collar (not to mention lippie on the hem… how?!) of that Zimmerman you wore on NYE, these beauty stain fix life-hacks will change your life (and save your whites). Sometimes Napisan and a quick cycle just won’t cut it, so pull on some gloves to protect your mani and read on to learn how to remove fake tan from white clothes, and your sheets! You can thank us later…

 Image: Instagram @ddlovato

Image: Instagram @ddlovato

Fake Tan

Firstly, if you can, act fast, no matter how less-than-ideal you’re feeling from last night’s champagne. How to remove fake tan from your white clothes or sheets? Flip the clothing or sheets and run the underside (not the part that made contact with the tan) under cold water until it runs clear. Next, put dishwashing soap onto a clean rag and rub it lightly over the affected area. Then wash the sheets or fabric on a warm cycle with an added white specific stain remover. Repeat if necessary. If this doesn’t work (if the fabric is white) you can treat the discoloured area with bleach. This should be fine with your sheets, but check garment tags first.


Too many hugs at the Christmas party or dangerously high necklines inevitably lead to foundation all over your best party dresses. Again, dish soap can be your best friend as it’s designed to cut through oil. Lightly rub it across the fabric, leave to sit for about 20 minutes before throwing it in the washing machine. If you wear a foundation that’s oil free, shaving foam can work wonders. Apply to the stained area, leave for a few minutes before rinsing in cold water. Repeat until the stain is gone.

Lipstick or Eye Makeup

The most important thing is to not run it under hot water or rub, as this will set the stain into the fabric. Hairspray can work wonders when it comes to lipstick, so spray directly onto the affected area of the garment, leave for 15 minutes before blotting off with a damp cloth. Repeat a few times to see if it budges. If this doesn’t work (the process’ effectiveness depends on how long the stain has been there), flip the affected area down onto a napkin, spray rubbing alcohol or dishwashing soap (this stuff is amazing) on the opposite side and press it down onto the napkin. Keep going until the stain has faded significantly before washing as normal.

Tips For Preventing party Stains

  • If you’re wearing white, opt for a statement eye rather than a bold lip. Although fabulous, your Tom Ford red is bound to go everywhere, especially after a few Möet’s.
  • If your outfit has a high neck, keep foundation light and minimal on the chin and jaw, opting for concealer only where it’s needed instead.
  • Make like a European and kiss everyone on the cheek. When you greet people, kiss (or air kiss) them  as opposed to a hug, it will save you the smudges on your shoulders.
  • If you’re sleeping in your tan, use an old sheet, or for perennial tanners, invest in a Tanzee. It’s a silky slip to protect your sheets.

Story by Emily Algar. 

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  1. January 11, 2017

    Any tips on preventing a spray tan from getting on your sheets in the first place?? Besides Tanzee, are there any products that you can put on to avoid it altogether?

  2. January 11, 2017

    I have tried the hairspray trick with a lipstick smeared shirt and it worked like a charm! X