To celebrate Halloween we're paying homage to our favourite horror film heroines. It’s not easy to be chased by a sharp-object wielding crazy-person and come out camera ready, but these damsels in distress do just that. Here are their four Fright Night-approved beauty commandments.

1. Though shalt keep a blow-out intact


Life is too hectic (what with all the sleuthing and surviving) for a girl to slip into the salon every morning for a professional primp. Despite this, Sarah Michelle Gellar famously managed to tame her mane in the midst of escaping The Grudge. But for those without an on-set hairdresser, focus on quality and not quantity. Your blowout can last days if you follow a few simple rules to get the most out of it. Firstly, embrace your inner schoolgirl overnight and use a fabric scrunchie to hold your hair in a loose topknot. It will avoid breakage, flyaways and static as you move during the night. Having a satin pillow helps, too. Secondly, arm yourself with Velcro rollersdry shampoo and conditioner and a curling or flat iron to refresh body, ends and roots without starting from scratch. Finally, try not to overstyle the hair,  to avoid dents, creases and parts where you don’t want them.

2. Though shalt beware of cell-induced breakouts


We may have graduated from hours talking on the phone to hours texting, tweeting, Snap-chatting and Instagramming, but all that time  spent with a hot glass smartphone against our skin is doing more damage than their plastic corded precursors. Bacteria picked up from the constant touch screening and exposure to germs can irritate skin and cause a breakout over time. To maintain Neve Campbell’s on-screen glow in the Screamfilms, ensure your night cleanser is formulated to rinse deep inside the pores to counteract the day’s damage. Apply natural tea tree oil to the affected area for a non-drying treatment.

3. Thou shalt avoid emotional panda eye


If you suspect a teary scene (from screaming scared, or, more realistically, a wedding), or want to maintain gorgeous eyes while holding a weapon like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, we have a trick to share. Avoid coating your lashes in almost impossible to cleanse away waterproof mascara by simply applying it only to the lower lashes. Of course, this only works in conjunction with discretely dabbing eyes dry as opposed to wiping tears away, but it’ll save time and your more prominent upper lashes if you apply waterproof only to the area en-route from eye to cheek.

4. Thou shalt ensure foundation is stay-proof


When life gets tricky, a gal has to be able to rely on her base. Jennifer Love Hewitt has this under control with her glowing skin in I Know What You Did Last Summer,despite the lack of warmth in the film. If you’re under pressure from the stress of not knowing the plot twist, or just getting through the unremitting to-do list, perspiration and oils can cause foundation to slide off the skin. To keep your base in place, prime with a silicone based formula and take a minimalist approach to the amount of foundation (preferably oil-free) you apply – one layer of liquid or crème coverage is enough. Apply finishing powder and a water based makeup spray for added security and a dewy finish.

Story by Rikki Hodge.

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