Parading in towering platforms, rich, rouge slicked lips, big, bouffant manes and of course plenty of sequins; the party princess’ of the 60s, 70s and 80s were the definition of high-octane glamour and flamboyant flair. It was all glitz and ritz for the disco damsels of old; those affected by the scene were always flawlessly presented, each with their own unique polish (and forever with a rocker, artist or heir on their arm).


These were the women that defined partying for the girls that groove today. From the theatrical and edgy Edie, to the polished and modish Bianca, we’ve kicked on our dancing shoes and taken inspiration from the most iconic party girls. We have your New Year’s maquillage sorted – now fill the flutes with French bubbles and pass the Camembert and crackers – it’s time to ring in the New Year looking fabulous.


A truly bohemian beauty, Talitha was the personification of all that 1960s and 70s bohemia had to offer. Getty’s beauty was steeped in boho accents; a deeply bronzed complexion, a matte, nude lip and long, loose curls which fell in profusion. Such beauty resonated with a distinctly luxe-hippie style; comprising jewel-toned kaftans, white harem pants and thigh-high ivory boots (naturally). Tap into the glamorous gypsy spirit of Getty and go big with hair and slightly more minimal with makeup.

The Look

Perfect for: Floating on a luxury boat around the harbour on New Year’s Day


Birkin’s look eschews ostentatious glamour and favours an unaffected and unadorned air. A look for ushering in the New Year (in favour of ringing), the pared-back yet peachy-keen beauty of Birkin is forever chic and à la mode. Long, spidery lashes (both top and bottom), a peach-hued lipstick and straightened, simple locks with her signature fringe make for French beauty at its best. Channel the English-Rose-turned-Parisian-Party-Princess this New Years and opt for a radiant complexion, giraffe-esque lashes and bangs which are tres dernier cri.

The Look:

Perfect for: New Year’s Day festivals (like Falls) where the cool cats play


The world’s first ‘Supermodel’, the brunette bombshell was a regular fixture on the legendary dance floor of 54. With her smouldering brown eyes, wasp-stung lips and voluminous, chocolate mane, Gia was the epitome of natural allure and charm. Recreate this sultry look with a brown hued palette for lids, strong eyes are keynote, as is big hair, with blown out, big waves defining in her guise. Pair with cool, ‘model-off-duty’ pieces and retro supermodel here we come.

The Look

Perfect for: Ringing in the New Year at a casual yet chic home ‘do


With fanciful frocks, luxe makeup and Rapunzel-esque locks, Jerry was right amongst the glitter and glomesh of the scene circa 1970 and 80. Draped on the arm of Mick, her Amazonian looks and garish glamour rendered Jerry lookalikes aplenty. Spread a little of the Hall stardust and glam it up – long, loose and lovely curls, a glossed-up pout and flush it out with blush; all necessary components of a rock star wife makeover.

The Look

Perfect for: A glamorous New Year’s day affair


The poster girl for infamous disco Studio 54, the exotically striking Mrs. Jagger was equal parts glamorous as she was cool. Hers was a look wholly beguiling and fierce; the highest of cheekbones, a perennial red pout, eyes shadowed in browns, gold and blues, and flicked-out waves (typically adorned with chic turbans, fancy feathers, dramatic netting and broad brims). Down south there were fur stoles, plunging necklines, jumpsuits aplenty, power suiting and a red sequinned dress with matching red sequinned beret (yes, you heard right) – a trendsetter in both style and beauty stakes, whatever Mrs. Jagger did, the masses would too. Follow (jump) suit and create the look with both an eye shadow and contouring palette and a classic lipstick. Red sequinned beret optional.

The Look

Perfect for: A swish and swanky New Year’s Eve bash


It was only fitting that Blondie’s lead singer, Debbie Harry, had distinctive, forever textured, bleached-blonde hair, a hairstyle which became synonymous with the 1980s. A pin-up for the punk movement, Debbie’s iconic style and beauty spawned a generation of fans who mimicked her every move (or every lipstick colour). The Rolling Stone cover girl and again Studio 54 regular, was an über cool hybrid of rock ‘n’ roll and glamour; wildly presented with pop lipstick, creatively, coloured eyes and thathair. Inject some punk glam into your Eve and revel in the night à la Blondie.

The Look

Perfect For: Dancing the New Year’s night away at a sweaty but super fun nightclub


The pin-up princess of the swinging sixties; Sedgwick’s iconic look defined the era in terms of beauty. The muse’s makeup was mostly melodramatic; exaggerated, black, curvilinear lines wrapped around big, doe eyes, which were dotted with larger than life lashes. Heavy eyes were offset with even heavier brows, add splashes of blue eye shadow, a pale, frosty lip and a perennially cropped pixie do’, and the ‘Edie’ is complete. Fireworks won’t be the only thing ablaze when you boogie your way into the room sporting an Edie-esque guise.

The Look

Perfect for: An edgy, uber cool party with hipsters and hoodrats

Story by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis. Layout by Amanda Chan.

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