We have to admit that we subscribe to a #treatyourself philosophy most of the time, but this is particularly amplified - and arguably justified - when things feel as frightening and uncertain as they currently do. Add to that the slew of social distancing measures which has meant that we've had to forgo some of our habitual indulgences - be they sampling the latest crop of cool  restaurants, or just idling away the hours at our local Mecca - in favour of staying indoors, and we feel that a little (albeit online) retail therapy is pretty much mandated. Here, the Beauticate team share their self care routine must-haves we're currently adding to cart to help make staying - and working - from home so much chicer.  


I recently stocked up on some new Feather Soft PJs from Papinelle, and while I try not to wear them ALL day, they’re most certainly on high rotation at the moment.

Also, we’ve moved into a new house and I don’t have black out curtains in the bedroom so as soon as the sun comes up I pop on my Slip Silk Eye mask and snuggle in for another hour or so of sleep  (I’ve also got the silk pillow cases – they’re game changers!) before the little patter of footsteps wake me up for an action packed iso-day.

Juggling a business, attempting to home school and occupying two very active kids is exhausting, so despite having more free time, I seem to be flagging each evening, desperate for a glass of wine! When I can, I sneak off and meditate or get some time alone in the bath and my latest tub elixir is This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak. It helps me decompress and puts me in a less anxious state for sleep.

Tess de Vivie de Régie, Features Editor

A blessing from working from home is comfort dressing, but choose something too relaxed and you risk your productivity levels dipping to near nil. I’ll be opting for my regular attire when I’m at my desk but injecting some WFH cosiness with these cashmere socks from The White Company.

I’m unapologetically analogue with most things, so I’ve always got a notebook or three at hand while working. An offering like this pocket-sized book from Smythson certainly makes writing lists that much more chic.

For many years I’ve been a devotee of Dior’s Crème Abricot – their iconic, rich and nourishing cuticle balm – but it’s really come into its own with all this increased hand washing, and has helped keep my nails happy and hydrated.

Zoe Briggs, Features Writer

An elegant nude nail has its place, but when I am spending so much time at my computer (and the world beyond is a little bleak), I like to paint my nails a striking colour that will catch my eye multiple times a day, and lifts my spirits a tiny bit each time. Appropriate for the recent cold snap, my current polish of choice is the red wine hue of Essie Gel Couture Spiked with Style.

I have mixed feelings about fragrance, generally – I am both very picky and very lazy, so definitely don’t fall into the camp of wearing it every day. Right now, though, I am feeling the urge, and plumping for something pretty. Maison Margiela’s Springtime In A Park feels joyous and uplifting but also gentle, which is exactly what I need right now.

A friend gifted us an orchid as a housewarming gift last year and, very happily for me, the only spot in the house where it seems to flourish is my desk. Its flowers are hibernating for now, but having something green in my eyeline, which I know I am managing to keep alive, no less, makes me genuinely happy every day. As it grows a little larger, I am eyeing this sleek white pot to give it a cosy home while keeping visual clutter at bay.

Kristin Rawson, Style Editor

Firstly, I need a gorgeous home candle to lift the spirits, and Santal 26 has always been a favourite scent to feel great no matter what environment. Anything Le Labo is just a treat.

I’m making the most of the extra time to treat my hair and lock in some protein. I love the Goldwell Kerasilk Control Intensive Smoothing Mask to keep my hair soft and treated.

Then finally, this pyjama top and bottom – they are so beautiful I might even be seen on a Zoom in conference in this sleepwear. They’re honestly just so comfortable.

Kristina Zhou, Writer

I’ve always been a highly anxious person, so the coronavirus pandemic has amped up my stress levels. Yoga and meditation do soothe the soul, but sometimes you just want an instantaneous bolt of relaxation – hence my obsession with stress balls! I highly recommend repeatedly squeezing one when you’re feeling a little on edge.

The sweet and creamy smell of Britney Spears’ Fantasy fragrance never fails to bring a smile to my face. I love the captivating woody scent, delicious note of chocolate and overall fairyfloss delight. One spritz and I feel like I’ve floated on a cloud to Disneyland.

Face mists are an instant pick me up and I love Avène Thermal Water – there’s something about the droplets that perk me right up. It’s that refreshing splash of cool that I crave when I’m feeling slightly antsy. Admittedly, I love the novelty of physically spraying ‘precious spring water’ on my face – it’s a serious addiction, like biting your nails. And the effects of layering your face with hydration aren’t bad either: smoother, less parched skin.

Marina Gainulina, Beauty Writer

My diligent (over) washing and (over) sanitising has, unfortunately, resulted in my mitts being drier than my dad’s jokes. Living up to its name, Go-To’s Super Handy hand cream has been a handy saviour indeed. I’m very picky with my hand creams and unlike many of its counterparts, this one is not greasy and is fast-absorbing: i.e. no sticky fingers on the keyboard when I’m pretending to do work. Hot tip: make sure you wait 10 minutes after using sanitiser to apply this (or any) hand cream, so as not to neutralise the sanitiser’s effectiveness.

A huge silver lining of WFH is being able to indulge in a minimal (read: non-existent) makeup routine. Instead, I’ve been letting my skin breathe and have put the effort into amping up my skincare. This antioxidant-rich Fresh Black Tea mask is a current fave for its comforting tea scent and magically smoothing, baby-bottom effect on my visage.

Keeping on the minimal makeup theme, I’ve been slicking on this tinted Lip Oil from Clarins. Ultra-hydrating, I use it both as an overnight treatment, as well as a little pick-me-up pop of shine and colour in an attempt to make some sort of effort for many a Zoom meeting.

Holding shot by Bruce Weber for W Magazine, July 2008.

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