I know it sounds funny, but a major challenge with my work in skincare is skin real estate. I simply don’t have enough epidermis to trial all the skincare products I’m sent. My friends and family help me where they can (yes, tough gig…) but many of the new skincare launches we receive at Beauticate end up donated to women’s shelters and initiatives like Dress for Success and Fitted For Work.

As a result, I have to really cherry-pick the products I use, and I am rarely able to test a whole range in its entirety.

Except in a recent instance when I completely flouted my usual rule! I went to a skincare launch and was so impressed that I immediately went home and shelved all the skincare I was currently using and replaced it with a full range of products.

The range in question? Dr. Garry Cussell’s new Rejuvaus range. Here’s why…


I interviewed, Dr. Cussell , the founder, at the Rejuvaus launch at Barangaroo’s Rejuvenation Clinics Australia (see my IG reel here).

Dr. Cussell shared that, unlike many cosmeceutical ranges with few active ingredients and lots of fillers, Rejuvaus packs multiple actives in each product, nearly at prescription levels.

These formulations combine only the best actives, ensuring you address all your skincare needs simultaneously.

Dr. Cussell explains “that the products effectively penetrate the skin’s surface layer, reaching the active layers where they work best.

He highlights that the slow-release form allows for gradual release without overwhelming the skin.

This approach ensures high tolerance, enabling the use of stronger ingredients in higher concentrations without causing reactions”.

Okay, where do I sign? After having a play with the lovely lightweight textures and impressive packaging (the recyclable rose gold bottles are airless and lightproof to stop oxidation and preserve the potency of the formulas), I am led through to a treatment room for a facial with skin therapist Sally. I learn that the natural lemongrass scent of the products also serves as a preservative to act alongside the actives.


When Sally applies Clarify & Renew AHA BHA Serum, which contains 15% encapsulated Salicylic Acid, 10% AHA fruit acids and Salicylic Acid with Caviar Lime, I notice a slight tingling on the skin.

It’s a satisfying sign that the product is getting to work to exfoliate, nixing dullness without upsetting the delicate microbiome.

I can’t wait to introduce this into my routine, I feel like it’s going to help with my hormonal breakouts.

When I mentioned my concerns about wrinkled eyelids, Dr. Cussell recommended his Restore & Firm Collagen Peptide Eye Serum. 

He explained that it’s one of the few eye products designed for application around the top of the eyelid and orbital bone.

Its highly concentrated blend of collagen peptides and Retinaldehyde aims to smooth, firm, and restructure the crepey eye contour for a more refreshed look.

This was an eye-opener for me, as I always considered eye creams merely hydrating, not actively tightening.

I had thought strong actives were unsuitable near the eyes, but Dr. Cussell assured me this product was an exception.

Dr. Cussell explains that his products are also well-suited for acne sufferers.

He recommends using the deep exfoliating cleanser and the clarifying renew both morning and night.

He equates this routine to getting a HydraFacial once a week, allowing users to conduct their own medical treatment twice daily.



Eager to try the products at home, I soon start enjoying the full routine. The Gentle Exfoliating AHA Cleanser while mild, effectively keeps my breakout-prone skin in check.

Every few days, I use the Clarify & Renew AHA BHA Serum, for additional exfoliation.

My favorite, though, is the Repair & Refine ABC Serum often called “the serum to end all serums.”

This antioxidant-rich serum combines encapsulated slow-release Retinaldehyde (Vitamin A), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), and Kakadu Plum (Vitamin C).

It refines the skin and provides an impressive glow.

I enhance my routine with the Bright & Correct Niacinamide Serum which contains melanin inhibitors to block Tyrosinase, an enzyme that causes excess pigment production.

This serum uses encapsulated, slow-release Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to fade pigmentation, soothe post-blemish scarring, and balance combination skin without disrupting the microbiome.

Next, I apply the – Rejuvenate & Restore Growth Factor Serum and the eye serum. My skin feels so nourished at this point that I often skip the Rich Skin Repair Moisturising Cream.

In the mornings, however, I use the brand’s iSolar Protect & Restore Invisible Zinc Lotion.

I fell in love with this product at the launch. It’s a rare find: a lightweight, blendable zinc lotion that doesn’t leave a white cast. Bravo to Dr. Cussell for this innovation.


In eight weeks, my skin has improved significantly. I upgraded to the iPhone 14 Pro and initially feared its high-resolution 4K camera.

It revealed everything in my videos: redness, crepiness,  and dark circles. I was tempted to use the more forgiving Paris filter, especially in poor lighting, but I mostly resisted.

I believe in showing my skin honestly when discussing skincare. And now, I’m happy with what I see.

People have even DM’d me, asking about my skincare routine. Since I haven’t had any laser treatments recently, it must be the skincare that makes the difference!

Dr. Cussell has created  Rejuvaus a comprehensive and potent skincare range that has earned great reviews and repeat customers.

I’m not surprised that the brand has been getting great reviews online, and most of its customers are repeat clients.

At about $220 per serum, it’s an investment, but each bottle lasts four to five months, requiring only one pump per application.

The potency of the actives and formulations makes it a worthwhile investment.

“The philosophy was to pack as many actives in so you get more bang for your buck, and to put them in a form that doesn’t react or overreact with the skin,” sums up Dr Cussell, which I think is a fair assessment of a range that I will be happy to use again. 

Story by Sigourney Cantelo. In Partnership with Rejuvas

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