You know, sometimes the best thing is not to make a fuss… Rosalind Thomas of the Accords talks us through some subtle and sophisticated scents to show love this autumn.

This is just a delight. Pretty much a soliflore (that’s the fancy fragrance term for a scent devoted to a single flower), what this dewy, fresh composition is free from is Moana. Not that I have anything against the Disney princess, but that tiresome tropical cliché of coconuts, suncream and CGI aquatics that frangipani is so often caught up? No longer. This, instead, is tipped with fresh lemon, ylang-ylang for dimension and a sense of the sun trapped in there with those heavenly blossoms. Jo Malone excels here.

Jo Malone London Frangipani Flower Cologne

The giant diamond vibe here surely gets Tiffany & Co across the line regardless of the juice inside. Luckily, the elegant, sparkly composition is actually crazy-beautiful in the most refined way. Sheer is the perfect adjective to describe the light veil of scent that this flanker delivers, first delicately green and crisp, then developing into a transparent tart blackcurrant before talc-y, soft rose and iris gently bring an intimate skin softness to the wear. And yes, while it’s subtle, it clings for hours. 

Tiffany & Co. Sheer Eau De Toilette

Hands up if you’d like to be be Aerin Lauder in another dimension? Yep, same. Her aesthetic is dreamy and her fragrances impeccable in their ability to capture perfectly a place, a mood – right down to the colour of that lovely stopper. One spray and for a moment you’re sailing though the Greek Islands at dusk, not washing the dishes. Aegea has one of the loveliest, powdery soft orange blossom notes I’ve ever had the pleasure of sniffing. It’s light and breezy, easy wearing but incredibly stylish.

Aerin Aegea Blossom

Love at first sniff, truly. Mihan Aromatics is a niche Melbourne house quietly building a beautiful and unique collection based on memories and moods, all those remembrances that linger just out of recollection: these scents will stir those memories up. Sienna Brume has the leisurely softness of a hazy Sunday, with notes that recall the smell of crisp book pages, cool cucumber dunked in a fresh coconut, cottony drapes and sea air. This brand is one to watch.

Mihan Aromatics

Although Mandorlo is a delicate white floral, for some reason it reminds me of gelato. The traditional stuff that is, luxuriously silky, never over-sweet, delicately flavoured and oh so cool. So I suppose actually there are some similarities – Via Dei Mille is a Sicilian brand embracing the traditional ingredients and processes of Italian perfumery, and Mandorlo includes naturalistic notes of bergamot and lily of the valley. But it’s the creamy almond note that really captivates with this scent, sophisticated and sweet.

Via Dei Mille Mandorlo

There is minimal, and then there’s Pure Musc. White flowers. Musk. Woods. That’s all you’ll get as a hint on what makes up the magical, enchanting, addictive scent inside that white bottle. It’s cool, almost metallic in the opening but with an echo of soft petals, that velvety texture of lilies. In fact, Pure Musc is all about texture, at turns sleek as soft leather, yet fluffy as a kitten and bright as chrome. When it truly comes to life is layered with other NR releases – a must for collectors and #minimalmood makers both.

Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc

Story and photography by Rosalind Thomas

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