Sceptics may label it a completely arbitrary invention, but I strongly believe in the power of a new year in bringing much needed change and refreshment into our lives. At this time of year as a child I was obsessed with shopping for back-to-school stationery and prepping every minute detail for the year ahead; now an adult, my stationery obsession hasn’t abated but has made room for an equally passionate beauty one. And so every January I enjoy a little beauty spring clean and book in some non-negotiable treatments to feel more polished and well going into the new year. Here, a selection of a few I’d highly recommend if you’re likewise embarking on a little new year refresh (alongside, of course, those obligatory annual stationery top-ups).

Skin Health at Jocelyn Petroni

When talking of Australia’s best facials, it’s no coincidence that Jocelyn Petroni is regularly cited. Their attention to detail is impeccable, with each treatment meticulously customised to each client, and the subsequent glow is next level. I enjoyed their Ultraceuticals treatment which harnesses state-of-the-art science mixed with Petroni’s signature Heart Chakra method for a ‘best of both worlds’ experience that left my skin feeling and looking so healthy.

French Chic at Franck Provost

A trip to France’s number one hair salon sounded just like what my strands need, especially when I can’t currently venture past Australian shores. I visited the flagship Franck Provost salon to experience their signature French touch, as well as the Fusio-Dose treatment from Kérastase, where your hairdresser mixes a tailored concentrate and booster for your hair’s exact concerns. Taking only five minutes and at just $29, it’s an easy and reasonably-priced add-on to your usual cut and blowdry.

Beautified Brows at Ciara Gallagher

Eyebrows are now very much a bespoke affair, a phenomenon very much exemplified at Ciara Gallagher. It’s certainly not a ‘once-size-fits-all’ treatment here: Ciara and her team tailor everything to the nth degree, taking great pains to perfect the tint and shape in order to best suit each client’s features. She whips my brows into shape, equalling out imbalances or mismatched thickness. At the end of each appointment, she makes a point of showing each client how best to fill in their brows so they can recreate the in-salon finish themselves.

Up The Vitamins at Ageless Clinics

Beauty from the inside out is a well-established dictum when it comes to nutrition, and this philosophy is now extending more and more to treatments. A Vitamin IV Drip from Ageless Clinics contains a potent cocktail of vitamins, which can help undo the side effects other ‘cocktails’ (or your vice of choice) might procure. A clever mix of important vitamins (think magnesium, zinc, and vitamins B and C) is delivered directly to your blood stream for maximum absorption. Expect a boost in glow and in your energy levels, too.

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie

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