Here at Beauticate HQ you could say we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to foundation. From matte-finish liquids to oil-controlling formulas to anti-ageing dual-actions, we’ve had our fair share of testing. But, while we’re happy to be the crash test dummies of coverage, we’re also aware of how important it is to know your individual skin type, and the foundations that match. Trust us, this is not always such an easy task. Hormones, genetics, weather and skincare choices all contribute to the ‘type’ of skin you have. Rimmel London asked us how we decipher our skin types, as well as our top foundation application tips and the products we use to counter complexion woes. So we came to work bare-faced (yikes) and rolled up out sleeves to road test the foundations best suited to our skin type – here are our top tips. Get ready to ace your base…

Rikki, Managing Editor:

“My skin type is very indecisive. It changes from sensitive, to oily, then very dry and even combination (confusing when you’re trying to find you skin-niche). This is due to my skin being very sensitive to hormonal changes. So, now, being seven months pregnant, I’m dealing with a whole new situation: dull and tired skin. Evidently, you lose a lot of sleep before you have the baby, too… I know my skin is tired because I get asked almost daily, ‘Are you tired?’ It’s a giveaway. Hence, picking Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation with its peptides and Vitamin C – which left my skin with a visibly radiant glow. I warm the liquid between my fingers first and dab it in dots over my cheekbones, allowing it to sink in to my skin first (I find this helps it stay put throughout the day). Then, using my fingers, gently blend outward toward my hairline and down to my jawline. If the aim was to fake a good night’s rest, Wake Me Up did its job… I was not asked once if I needed a nap, and it held up throughout the whole day.”

Emily, Beauty Writer:

“My skin type is definitely dry/combination. If I leave it bare after cleansing, my T-zone (nose, chin, forehead) are shiny, whereas my cheeks feel tight. I often have a dull complexion and experience redness. I like a medium to full coverage foundation and something that will get me through my 9+ hour days, so the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation is my pick. I always use a dense buffing brush or damp beauty blender sponge to apply my makeup, focusing on the center of my face and working out. I find this gives coverage where it’s needed while still looking natural. The Lasting Finish Foundation means I get perfect coverage, and my cheeks aren’t tight (the comfort serum is the hero here), plus it’s sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for 24 hours. And, at the end of a long day in the office I still have a face on- making it a must in my morning beauty routine.”

Amanda, Designer:

“My skin type is just normal! I rarely have any shine, tightness or breakouts, but with that in mind, I like a foundation that is natural and won’t crease or flake off my face come lunchtime (no easy feat). I also often find it hard to match my skin tone, so the Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation was definitely my go-to. I like to use a fluffy brush to gently buff my foundation in so it’s seamless. The foundation has a nifty ‘blurring effect’ in the formula, which is perfect for the dark circles I occasionally have; especially after a big deadline.”

Steph Russo, Beauty Intern

“I am the first to admit that my skin isn’t perfect. Genetically speaking, I am more like my mama. So, unfortunately for me, that means oily skin. This, combined with environmental factors and hormonal fluctuations, healthy and hydrated skin isn’t easy. Tracking down a good foundation for me has proven difficult in the past, especially when I am prone to sporting a shiny glare around midday (awkward). So, I gave Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation a whirl. I’m also a fan of using my fingers, no brush needed. After application, my skin appears instantly flawless, delivering a soft matte look that helps to control shine. It stays put throughout the day and is surprising lightweight given the coverage it provides –I don’t feel like I’m caking on a layer of paint. I also found the foundation helped me eliminate the shiny glare I often experience on my skin. It has definitely won me over.”

Story by Emily Algar, Amanda Chan, Steph Russo and Rikki Hodge-Smith. Photography by Jenna Maslechko.

Story in association with Rimmel London

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