We all know blush and lipstick can seriously brighten the face -  but the real game changer comes from combining the right blush and lipstick tones. A highly flattering pairing can take you from tired and lifeless to glowing goddess in a matter of minutes. But finding the right pairing can be a herculean task. Luckily I'm going to take the guess work out for you! I recently tested out my favourite blush + lipstick routines on friends with vastly different skin undertones and discovered 3 formulas that looked universally flattering on everyone.  

Naturally flushing: Clinique Melon Pop blush and Innisfree Fruity Squeeze Lip Tint #9

Model: Julie Lee

When I’m feeling under the weather or pulled multiple all nighters, I turn to this trusty combination to make me look instantly more fresh. The Clinique Melon Pop is a very natural peachy pink blush that contains subtle golden shimmers that is honestly like sunshine for the face; the warm colour adds a beautiful luminosity to the skin. Pigmentation wise, the blush itself is sheer, but the colour is buildable – it generally takes me around 3-4 applications to get a visible, long-lasting colour.

The Innisfree Fruity Squeeze Lip Tint #9 pairs beautifully with the blush, because it comes from the similar ‘coral’ colour family – albeit at the deeper end of the spectrum. Applying two different types of shades gives your face more depth and dimension, as opposed to using the exact same colour on your lips and cheeks. This lipstick is a bolder orangey-red shade that immediately perks up the face. Because I prefer a more muted red-orange tone, I only apply this colour to the centre of my lips and gently feather the colour out. The lipstick appears glossy when you first apply it but dries to a satin finish after about 30 minutes, so I apply the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on top to give it a lasting glossy finish.

Sweet and soft: Fenty Petal Poppin Blush + Bobbi Brown Fresh Melon & YSL Rosy Lipstick

If you’re looking for a romantic, flirty and feminine look, I highly recommend this vibrant pretty-in-pink combination.

The Fenty Petal Poppin blush is described by the brand as a moderately warm toned, pink blush, but to me, it’s on the neutral side – neither overtly warm nor cool. It’s a beautiful, soft pink on its own – but for people who want to add more warmth to their face, I recommend layering the Bobbi Brown Fresh Melon on top of this blush. The combination provides the perfect shade of coral-pink that I have not been able to find in a single cream blush. The Fenty blush is slightly more matte and the Melon Pop blush is on the dewier side, so this pairing combined produces a lovely satin sheen.

The YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick #12 is a darker coral (I would describe it as a mix between coral-pink merged with subtle plum tones). It’s slightly cooler in tone than the blush combination, so the colours ‘balance’ each other out (i.e. you won’t look overly warm or cool) and produces a lovely brightening effect. YSL bills the product as high-shine, but the shine fades to a matte tint after a few hours for me – but the colour itself is incredibly budge proof!

Bronzed Goddess: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow (sand) + Guerlain Rouge G 214

This makeup look emanates old Hollywood screen siren vibes: bronzer softly swept across the cheeks, paired with a glamorous red lip. I was inspired to create this look after seeing this stunning combination on supermodel Candice Swanepoel.

The Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow (sand) is subtle and imparts a gorgeous sunkissed glow. The finish is in between matte and satin; with slight golden shimmers giving the illusion of a velvet glow. You can use it to contour your face, but it does require a few applications for stronger pigment. Personally, I like this type of bronzer because it looks soft and natural – even if you’re a little bit heavy handed.

Because the bronzer is so subtle, the vibrant Guerlain Rouge G lipstick (214) provides the perfect brightening complement. The finish is velvet-matte and the colour is on the warmer side of red. Although it is a bolder shade of red, it emanates elegantly sultry vibes vibes à la Dita Von Teese. The colour payoff is fantastic and one swipe is enough for a nice pop of red!

Story by Kristina Zhou; Holding shot by @memyselfandfashion

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