At Beauticate we are lucky enough to have a steady stream of beauty products coming across our desks. Even luckier? Our Significant Others who ride the coattails of our beauty success, indulging in the spoils of our labours. While we agree that each of the boys of Beauticate are at different stages of their grooming journey, they’re all ultimately on the same smooth-skinned, well-coiffed trajectory. Below, their pick of the best products for grooming so you can be well informed ahead of any last minute Father’s Day purchases. 

Sigourney Cantelo, Editor and Founder

As I’ve mentioned before (see last year’s BOB grooming guide and the year before), my hubby Damien is a product junkie. After 20 years together it’s no surprise that some of my enthusiasm has rubbed off on him. He recently created a fragrance storage solution to his wardrobe (4 spice racks screwed to his cupboard doors) and now has an array of 36 of his favourites at easy reach. Latest squeeze is the new Hermes Terre d’Hermes Eau Givree which he describes as “fresh like lemongrass and cut grass”. He’s also been testing products from Shakeup Cosmetics in particular the Let’s Face It BB Tinted Moisturiser as it helps counteract redness he sometimes gets. He also loves Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator post shave because the gel texture is “light and hydrating without being greasy.”

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Zoe Briggs, Features Writer

My husband Dan is ever the dutiful guinea pig, faithfully reporting in once-demanded, now-expected levels of detail the pros and cons of every single product I send into his bathroom. High standards have become part of the ‘job’, so I can assure you that each of his recommendations packs a punch. First up in the grooming routine is the Buly Crème Pogonotomienne Shaving Cream, hands down the best shaving cream he has ever used. The solver of lifelong shaving problems (no more cuts, no more irritation), it’s so good he repurchased as soon as the PR sample ran out, as it is a “worthwhile investment”. Mr. Smith is one of his favourite hair brands of all time, and I am told in typically self-effacing style he “looks like a million bucks” whenever he uses their products. Good hair begins in the shower, with the Stimulating Shampoo that cleanses thoroughly and is invigorating to use, thanks to its peppermint scent, and while he doesn’t generally use conditioner (reader, I have to choose my battles), the Stimulating Conditioner leaves his hair pleasingly soft rather than floppy or too shiny, and makes it easier to style later. The final step in his current grooming routine is Lumira’s Desert Nights fragrance, which Dan says earns points as a brand for being Australian, more affordable than many of its competitors while still feeling luxe, and offering a range of masculine scents with great staying power. Desert Nights in particular is warm and intense without being overpowering, a balance he notes is “hard to get right”. Best believe the expert.

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Kristina Zhou, Writer

During lockdown when hairdressers couldn’t operate, my partner Apollo’s hair went haywire (think – Hagrid from Harry Potter on steroids). On Zoom meetings his colleagues remarked: “Woah, you look like you came from the wild – what happened?”. Eager to look somewhat more presentable, he decided to cut his own hair and was very happy to trial the Silver Bullet Sonic Speed Hair Clipper for me. It was ultra-fast in trimming hair yet still delivered smooth/even results; came with an adjustable taper, which enabled him to easily change the closeness of his cut; and 8 comb attachments to use as measuring guides for how long he should cut his hair! Apollo found the tool so convenient and easy  to use, so much so, that he uses it between hairdresser sessions to keep his hair groomed. After years of using Dove Soap to wash his hair (yes, seriously!) – I recently slipped the Zenz Menthol #10 shampoo into his shower and “accidentally” threw away the Dove Soap. From the first wash – he was obsessed. Apollo described it as “invigorating” and marvelled at how “fluffy” and “soft” his hair felt. He kept asking me to feel his hair and even requested that we arrange an outing with friends the next day so he could show them his “really shiny” new locks. One product I did not have to coax Apollo into trialling for this article was the No1 Matt Paste by Johnny’s Chop Shop. He’s been a longstanding fan of the brand because it truly holds his fringe up for the whole day without looking greasy or “stringy” (his direct words). Apollo once strayed from this paste and his hair fell flat in a few hours – since then, he’s been a loyal follower.

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Karina Wharton, Writer

My partner Andrew would likely describe me as ‘persistent’ – that’s the polite way of saying I’m somewhat unrelenting in my mission to sell him on the joy of a beauty routine. While he will happily use whatever shampoo I’ve cast aside as a head-to-toe cleanser (the horror), I frequently present him with products I’m sure he’ll love. Occasionally, my hard work pays off and he’ll stick with something, which can only be taken as a huge tick of approval for the product in question. One such success has been the recently released K18 Peptide Prep pH Maintenance Shampoo. With a subtle citrus scent that smells fresh, not saccharine, Andrew attests that this high-tech shampoo removes every last hint of strong-hold styling product, while the balanced pH means his scalp isn’t irritated by frequent washing.  Another product that’s earned his endorsement is affordable skincare brand The Ordinary’s Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA, a lightweight and non-scented lotion that seems to absorb instantly upon application (he hates anything ‘greasy feeling’), but is hard at work hydrating his skin thanks to a top-tier ingredients list that includes hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramide precursors. The final new addition to his grooming routine has been Hugo Boss’ Boss Bottled Infinite EDP. Housed in a simple navy blue bottle, classically masculine woody notes are livened up by a zing of citrus (perfectly complimenting that K18 scent!). Andrew tends to pick one fragrance and use it exclusively, and this one works for everything from a day at the office to a date night with yours truly.

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Leah Rockliff, Editorial Coordinator and Graphic Designer

Prior to me working in the beauty industry, my husband Johan was a very simple man when it came to his beauty routine. It consisted of splashing his face with water, applying deodorant and occasionally washing his hair with our kids bath & body wash (Gro-To Sud bud – a household favourite). So when I asked him to trial some products I was very interested to hear his thoughts… In the 17 years I have been with my husband, he’s owned one fragrance, so this year it was time to introduce him to Tom Ford’s ÉBÈNE FUMÉ Au De Parfum. His comments on this are: “It’s a strong masculine fragrance… James Bond vibes” – it’s a yes from him (and me). Being a surfer, Fire Fighter and a Tradie, he spends a lot of time outdoors. Because of this (and likely the lack of sleep over the last 5.5 years) fine lines & pigmentation are starting to appear around his eye area – he’s currently liking Aesop’s Exalted Eye Serum. He likes that this serum feels lightweight, hydrating and as though he had ‘nothing on. A good sunscreen is another for him, We Are Feel Good Inc is the only brand he will wear – in his words it’s “non greasy, easy to apply, reef safe and super lightweight”. This is big coming from a guy who can’t wear lip balm because it makes him feel ‘suffocated’. 

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