ICYMI, beauty is getting seriously tech-y and as 2017 meets its middle, we’re already finding ourselves addicted to some of the beauty tools that have launched over the past six months. From at-home kits for great skin to the latest in time-saving hair styling saviours, we’ve narrowed down the tech tools that have seriously impressed us. If you too a tech-head of the preening variety, get to know these at-home tools that mimic professional results…

 Image: Instagram @silverbullethair Image: Instagram @silverbullethair


The Silky Skin-Saver

Silk’n ReVit

The Silk’n ReVit is an at-home microdermabrasion that uses vacuum stimulation and a diamond tip to give as-close-to-a-professional result as possible. It promises to reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and acne scars and the diamond tip is really the secret weapon to this – it offers a more effective dermabrasion than those that spray microcrystals because the diamond doesn’t come lose and it’s a bit gentler on the skin (less, or no, irritation). Although it takes a bit longer to do your whole face than the suggested few minutes (Silk’n ReVit give you a face map to follow and you want to be thorough, so it’ll take more time), it really does does work to give a clearer complexion. Results will vary depending on your specific skin and you should consult a skin specialist first. Best results come from using three times a week.


The Hair Removal Evolution

Braun Silk-Epil 9 SkinSpa

Alright, we’ll address the elephant in the bathroom when the word ‘epilator’ is dropped… It’s not painless, we can’t lie. But, it’s definitely not the 1980s torture device it once was, and if you can handle a wax, you can handle this guy. The major benefits of this 4-in-1 wet & dry epilator are that it includes a brush exfoliation and massage system, hair won’t grow back for about six weeks, it has adjustment head-pieces that make it suitable for large areas and more delicate areas like bikini and face area. It’s quite fast too, really no longer than a typical razor shave (perhaps quicker depending on the coarseness of your hair) and reaches even the shortest hairs. It also includes a massaging cap with aloe to soothe skin.


The Product Booster

Racinne Lady M – Massaging Ion Applicator

The Massaging Ion Applicator is a little magic wand for your skin creams and serums. While these topical products definitely put in their fair share of hard work, getting them to absorb properly into the skin is a bit of a mission. The applicator uses positive and negative ions that massage the product into the skin – this means better absorption and ensuring skincare is at maximum efficacy.  It also has a vibrating function that tightens the skin for a more youthful result. Results are especially noticeable when used around the eye area (there’s a freshness almost immediately, great for helping to remove eye bags), but it’s suitable for all areas of the face and neck. This takes just 5 minutes a day care routine. Ok, this one isn’t as essential but you’ll be so glad you have it. Give your eyes some TLC.


The Next Level Brush

Silver Bullet Hybrid- Ceramic Ionic Straightening Brush

This year has been the year of the brush, but not as we know it. Long bonded to a professional blow out or the 10 year plus relationship with the flat iron, truly new innovations (not iterations) have been few and far between. Enter: ionic brushes. The Silver Bullet gives the perfect combination of taming frizz and still allowing for movement and bounce (no pin-straight strands), and the roots aren’t left flat. It’s also super fast – pretty much as long as it takes to comb through your hair with a regular brush. Although it’s not as heat-packed as a flat-iron, we do suggest spritzing a bit of heat-protection on your hair before use for good measure.


The Precise… Pruner

Veet Beauty Styler Sensitive Precision

This new Veet Beauty Styler is specially tailored to trim and precisely shape your sensitive body parts such as face, underarms, and bikini. The best part is that it is really accurate (no uneven bikini line…) but the blades don’t make contact with the skin so your sensitive areas aren’t going to be victim to razor burn or nasty nicks. While the bikini area is where this tool really shines, it can also be used for eyebrow shaping (you’re just going to want a very steady hand!). It’s a great for those who have an aversion to painful hair-removal and don’t mind less time between maintenance sessions (hair grows back at the normal rate after any shave).


The DIY Infallible Mani

Jamberry Trushine Gel Enamel System

When it comes to a gel nail, we’ve learnt to just trust the professionals. But, it can be expensive and time doesn’t always permit to head to the salon. Luckily, technology has seriously advanced in the DIY kits, and Jamberry Trushine is really leading the way. The kit includes and LED light, base coat and top coat, gel remover, application kit and a colour polish. You can also purchase each component separately so you can replace what you run out of without needing to repurchase the kit. It gives a salon-worthy finish without tugging too hard on the purse strings.


Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith and Mariah Bovee.

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  1. June 20, 2017

    I didn’t know there were microdermabrasion kits that you could use to home! Do you recommend going to a professional to get this kind of treatment done?

  2. June 20, 2017

    Does the Veet Beauty Styler trim close to the skin? I would love an alternative to razor burn