With the Royal Baby due any day now, all eyes are once more on the Duchess of Cambridge. Over the course of her three pregnancies, Kate has provided women across the world with inspiration on how to remain chic whilst pregnant. We break down the styling tips, pregnancy-safe beauty products and fitness regime that you can steal, bun-in-the-oven or not...



If there is anyone to look to for advice on staying chic ’til the last trimester, it’s definitely Kate. She’s proved that she’s not one to be afraid of colour – she always pulls out bold shades when wearing prints (which are a maternity wear must-have in her book) and steers towards more pastel hues when wearing solids. It’s so easy to follow Kate’s signature go-to maternity look while adding your own personal touches: pairing pastel empire-waist dresses that accentuate length with a structured knee-length pea coat and some neutral pumps.


Morning sickness is not to be taken lightly, especially for Kate who suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum, an intense form of the condition. Apparently Kate has tried almost every imaginable home remedy and found only one ingredient to curb it – ginger, which she keeps around to snack on in the form of biscuits. If you’re not a cookie person, consider trying ginger tea or applying ginger oil to pressure points.


Let’s face it: Kate’s flawless skin is probably largely due to her good genetics, but her beloved Trilogy Rosehip Oil certainly helps. This oil has been her lifesaver for maintaining her fabulous glow while avoiding retinoids during pregnancy. This all natural anti-ageing oil is rich in omegas and vitamins that target lines and wrinkles. Bonus: It can can also be used to combat stretch marks while pregnant, then used on baby to combat dry skin. Supposedly, Kate also loves Karin Herzog’s skincare range, and relies on their Oxygen Facial Cream for clear and glowing skin. It’s free from Vitamin A, so it’s safe to use throughout all stages of pregnancy.


Kate Middleton has opted to rolling back the intensity of her workout regime, and has fallen in love with yoga. As it’s little challenging to simply stop by her local yoga studio, she has a private instructor come to Kensington Palace for some prenatal sessions, which prepare her body for birth. Prenatal yoga usually focuses on breathing, gentle stretching, postures and an overall relaxation for mental centering. It’s said that the effects go further than just exercise – it helps with sleep, lowering stress and anxiety and adding some flexibility to your muscles that are key for childbirth.


It’s already pretty well known that cocoa butter can help stretch marks, but Kate takes this remedy to the next level. She apparently loves mixing cocoa butter with ultra-rich, Bio-Oil. The formula contains PurCellin Oil, which ensures that the ingredients are absorbed into your skin, rather than just sitting on the surface level. Scented with relaxing lavender, rosemary and chamomile, this all-natural formula targets those hard to erase scars and stretch marks while smelling like a dream.


The key to Kate’s even and radiant complexion is a natural-looking oil-free foundation. It is said that she uses Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation, which supposedly leaves the skin protected, moisturised and even toned for up to 12 hours. Kate’s love for the Bobbi Brown brand runs deep, as shown when she hired a makeup artist from the brand to assist with her bridal party makeup looks for her wedding.




Constant curling and straightening can take a toll on even the strongest of hair. To achieve her bouncy, chestnut locks, Kate supposedly uses the entire Kerastase Oleo-Relax range. Shorea oil offers intense hydration, while Cationic Polymer delivers the anti-frizz properties needed to create perfect, glossy curls.

Story by Michelle Mullen

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