Alongside finally tackling the piles of books you’ve been putting off reading and making a dent in the endless list of films you’ve been planning on streaming, social distancing (and the extra time spent at home) can make for the perfect opportunity to optimise our approach to beauty. Right now, there’s no excuse to keep delaying those good beauty habits you know should already be part of your daily routine. Here, the beautifying practices we’re taking up at the moment.

Give Up Hot Hair Tools (Or At Least Curb Your Addiction A Little)

Our social lives have skidded to a halt, but one way to console yourself about that sorry fact is by reflecting on how much good it’ll do to your strands. An empty diary means you can give up all the straightening, curling, primping and preening your locks usually endure to get them looking picture-perfect, and allows them to recoup some moisture and strength. If you can’t quite quit the hot tools completely (or even if you can), scheduling in regular hair masks will do you much good – I like Philip Kingsley’s iconic Elasticizer, which was originally devised to resuscitate Audrey Hepburn’s damaged locks post-film shoot. I’m partial to these pre-shampoo varieties, as you can simply coat your hair and let it work its magic for as long as you desire, without having to wash it first – side-stepping that awkward 10 minute wait post-shampoo that is associated with most hair masks.

Apply A Face Mask – Every. Single. Day.

During ‘Betwixtmas’, that hazy festive blur that bridges Christmas and New Year, I’ve been known to plump for a face mask every single day – and sometimes, yes, even twice a day. And my skin looked much the better for it. This weird period we’re living through right now, with its endless hours indoors and frequent trips to the fridge, has been compared to Betwixtmas – albeit with a lot more fear and far fewer mince pies – but the merit of the practice still stands. A favourite face mask of many year’s standing is Clarins SOS Hydra Refreshing Hydration Mask, which helps improve both dryness and dehydration – often other masks seem to target just one concern or the other, and I’ve yet to find a mask I prefer. And the obvious upside is that on the other side of all this, you can afford to opt for less makeup as your complexion will be glowing and hydrated.

Incorporate Vitamin A Into Your Skincare Routine

Vitamin A derivatives are touted by everyone in the skincare know as the MVP of our beauty cabinets – they’re one of the few ingredients that have been conclusively shown to be anti-ageing, while also offering some other desirable benefits (a more glowing complexion, for example). But vitamin A does make your skin more sensitive to the sun – which is why you should be adding one into your routine straight away while we’re all squirreled away indoors. An excellent place to start is the Redermic Retinol Anti-Aging Cream from La Roche-Posay – a hard-working and reliable serum with a reasonably accessible price point compared to other vitamin A offerings.

But Wear Suncreen – Yes, Even Indoors

If you’re using a vitamin A product (which I suggest you apply at night), you should be following in the morning with sun protection. And while you already know you should be applying sunscreen every day, that also means while you’re indoors – yes, really. Even if you have zero intention of venturing outside (and I applaud your commitment to social distancing), unless you’re living in a room with zero windows, there’s a high chance you’ll still be getting some incidental sun exposure – which can accumulate and result in premature ageing (or worse) with time.

Optimise Your Body Care Routine

One of the most neglected beauty habits is body care – we meticulously tend to our faces and necks, while forgetting all the skin south of the décolleté. As well as diligently moisturising the body after your shower (or even twice a day if you’re particularly committed – props to you), incorporating a tool like Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Bodylift is ideal for taking your body care regime to the next level. It massages fascia and stimulates the lymphatic system, which can get sluggish and cause puffiness (especially if you’re not exercising as regularly as usual at the moment). It helps shift undesirable toxins, and leaves your skin feeling silky and toned.

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Holding shot credit: Instagram @lilyaldridge

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