If you’re a bit of a brow buff, you’re probably already au fait with microblading – the semi-permanent brow tattooing trend that blesses us with perfect arches without having to fill in a thing. We’re big fans, thanks in no small part to it helping us regain precious time every morning by cutting a step out of our makeup routine. So, our curiosity was naturally piqued to learn about Sharon Lee’s Triple Layer Method – a more customisable offering that promises long-term fabulous brows. We quizzed Sharon Lee all about her signature method and why you should consider the switch…

What Actually Is The Triple Layer Method?

“Our method is blended,” she explains. “We incorporate multiple techniques dependant on the individual, and use several colours. It’s also done over a trio of visits, all of which ensures the most natural end result.”

While this does sound similar to microblading, Sharon Lee’s technique does differ. “Typical microblading is done over two visits and uses one colour and one tool. Our experience is that this ends up looking solid and lacks dimension,” she says. In short, the Triple Layer Method allows for a more individualised and incredibly natural looking finish.

“We do multiple sessions because we tread so lightly to retain definition. Depending on the individual’s fade factor, we can compensate as needed if they have patched anywhere, or if we feel we need to simply add more overall.”

“We also provide our clients the option to top up throughout the year as they see fit – for a nominal fee. We just don’t do anything remotely blocked and we don’t go deep into the dermis layer of the skin where the pigment can blur with sebaceous layer of the skin.”

That said, it’s not a treatment that works for all. Sharon Lee elaborates: “We definitely would not recommend it for everyone. We are super conservative so for us we are invested in the end result for every client.”

 How Can You Maximise The Results Post-Treatment?

You’re paying top dollar for it, so you’ll want your beautified brows to stay that way. And to that end, Sharon Lee has some tips. “If you can sleep face up (not face down like a starfish as I do), you will minimise fade factor,” she advises. “You should also be diligent with the aftercare, which includes anti-bacterial creams, organic mists and sleep masks.”

There are other factors that determine how long the results last. “The client’s overall colouring affects results, as the lighter pigments fade faster,” shares Sharon. “And if a client is using active products such as glycolic derivatives, they will strip their brows far more quickly than someone who is not.”

And to maintain the best shape possible in between appointments? “Tweeze – and regularly,” shares Sharon. “Take two to three hairs, then step back and look. Invest in a 10x mirror so you can actually see hairs about to break through. This way you can differentiate between new growth and old, and know for sure what should be taken.”

When Things Go Wrong

If you suspect that your brows don’t look quite how they should, there are some tell-tale signs. Sharon Lee says, “We see so much blocked, solid tattooing. Many go red or blue-grey.” Her advice? “You should act quickly. Often sitting with it too long reduces your options.”

But if things don’t look quite exactly like you had hoped just after the procedure, don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. “After the treatment, everyone feels their brows are super dark and often uneven. It’s crucial to understand that often the brows sit differently as the face is imbalanced, and we often favour one side over the other.”

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Holding shot image credit: Instagram @soaudreyhepburn

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