There are so many things I love about Beauticate. Since starting the site nearly four years ago it has become like a third child to me – I get the same sleepy but proud-parent smile watching it grow as I do Max and Lulu. But, there’s one area of the site that warms me the most – and it’s you, dear readers. The community we’ve built over the years honestly brings a tear to my eye (you should have seen me sobbing reading the survey responses). You’ve stood by us, offering witty and helpful comments, encouraging us to continue producing the content you want to see. Recently, we asked you in our reader survey exactly that: What do you want to see on Beauticate? Your answer? Well, you. And we’re thrilled. We hear you – so, without further ado, I’d like to formally announce our new section: Beauticate You.

See, it’s an idea I’ve had floating around in my head for a while. Why not feature real readers sharing their tips and tricks, favourite makeup buys, skincare saviours and beauty hacks? In the survey results, 88% of you said you would love a “Beauticate You” section and 67% of you said that you want to see inside real women’s homes. So, we’re officially ready and waiting to dig deep into your beauty routine and cabinet…

Here’s how it works:


* There’s no tricky application form for this. All you need to do is upload images, Boomerangs and/or videos of your absolute favourite beauty products to social media using the hashtag #BeauticateYou OR email us your images with ‘Beauticate You’ in the subject line to info@beauticate.com. Tag us in as many Beauticate You submissions as you like, the more the merrier!

* When posting about your favourite products, we want to know how you use them and why you love them. So, in the caption (or email) be sure to include a paragraph for each image/video explaining what you’re using, why you’re using it and any sneaky application tips, tricks and hacks you have.

* We will collate the best content in reader round up stories and even select some readers as WHO profiles – so make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter (there’s a box on the homepage) so you can see when your tips and pictures get published.


Looking for imagery inspo?


You Using Your Products: Still Shots, Videos and Boomerangs

We want to know not just about the products you’re using, but how you use them – so small tutorial videos or boomerangs are great ways to convey your beauty tricks. Even just demonstrating in a still shot is great. Just describe what you’re doing and why it works well!

Close-up Product Shots and Bag Spills

Yep, we’re really keen to snoop right into your makeup bag! Close cropped shots of your best beauty buys against a pretty background (marble kitchen and bathroom benches work like a charm!) and scattered out of your favourite handbag or makeup bag make for excellent pics. Again, just remember to tell us why you love the products and how you use them.

Panned Out Shots of Your Entire Beauty Arsenal

Have a pretty impressive selection of beauty prods? Show us! All in one fell swoop so we get the true extent of your addiction…


Selfies are good (and handy when you don’t have a willing friend or family member to take shots), but it’s even better if we can see you in your environment – we want to know the real you. Take a look at some of our favourite Who shots and have a think about the beautiful little spaces in your home that you’re proud of and represent who you are. Your home doesn’t need to look like a Vogue Living shoot – you only need a pretty corner and some nice light. Call in a friend to take a few snaps of you in your abode, et voila! you could be looking at yourself in our Who’s section.

Remember: These are just guides to help you along. We want the images to showcase you and your style (most of these were taken by professional photographers – we don’t expect that!). You do you. Aaaand, go!

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