When it comes to skincare practices, the neck and décolletage are often shamefully overlooked. A little insane when you think of their proximity to the face and tendency to give away our age. Thin-skinned and highly sensitive, the area is also more susceptible to early signs of ageing and environmental damage.

The best thing for it, in my humble beauty journalist’s opinion, is to introduce a neck self care routine into your life, stat. Personally I try to give my neck as much love as my face: ALWAYS extending skincare down and whenever I have the chance do a little self massage. Not only does it feel amazing as you grind out the gristle and stress of life, it helps boost microcirculation, ridding the system of toxins as well as firming and sculpting the skin. A gua sha massage with a beautiful organic oil combines the best of two worlds: nourishment and nurturing.

Beautiful Byron Bay-based brand organicspa have got us covered as they have just released a special edition Decolletage Treatment Ritual (conveniently in time for Mother’s Day). The limited edition Cellular Repair Treatment comes packaged in a beautiful sustainable bag with a rose quartz Gua Sha, and along with that, I was honoured to demonstrate their bespoke treatment ritual in a video for their website (below). organicspa are also professional skincare range, and are offering a special treatment using the cellular repair treatment in salons, perfect for anyone wanting to experience the ritual in the hands of a pro, alongside some seriously sumptuous skincare. 

The first thing I notice about the Cellular Repair Treatment Oil is the incredible scent. The rich and active oil combines dermal-loving Hemp, Marula, Chia and Carrot Seed Oils along with actives derived from plant sources like tomato and algae (think carotenoids, antioxidants and Vitamins C and E) to nourish the skin and fight those dastardly signs of ageing. More than just a blend of oils, the limited edition product has been consciously formulated to nourish and repair this skin, and will also be sold separately beyond Mother’s Day (while stocks last).  I love the bag that houses the gift set, too. It’s perfectly minimal as to pair with all my travel accessories and it’s made from washable kraft paper, making it wonderfully sustainable, too. The Gua Sha is the perfect size to fit snugly into my hand and feels satisfyingly cool when I begin my massage.

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese practice that involves using a smooth, flat tool to scrape along the skin, promoting lymphatic drainage and blood flow. This technique is especially beneficial for the neck, as it can help reduce puffiness, improve skin tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using a gua sha on your neck can keep it mint condition by stimulating collagen production and promoting lymphatic drainage, which can help reduce swelling and improve skin tone

“It’s the perfect time coming into cooler months to nourish this delicate area, and what better time than to treat yourself or your mum with this beautifully scented, skin superfood that nurtures and rejuvenates the skin,” says organicspa’s skin Expert Natalie O’Brien.  “Our products are clean, free from toxins and chemicals and not diluted with water or compromised with chemical preservatives – these are definitely qualities that set us apart,” she explains. “We are Certified Organic, Vegan and use active ingredients that promote skin health and provide results. Whether it’s in a homecare formula or a facial treatment  in one of our organicspa salons or spas, clients know they are doing something positive for their skin and our environment.”

The Australian-made brand is a stalwart in the industry, having launched over 16 years ago, when Certified Organic was a barely conceived concept for many companies. They are proud of their core values of “truth within labelling” and “luxury through nature” and I can concur, the Cellular Repair Treatment feels like pure luxury in a bottle.

When it comes to anything you’re applying on your body I always lean into organic formulas. Given that your skin is the largest organ on your body, the products you use to nourish yourself from neck to toes should be as natural as possible. Apart from promoting eco-friendly and sustainable practices, these nourishing products harness the power of nature’s best ingredients, sans any synthetic chemicals or irritants. They are gentle and efficacious, providing the skin with essential nourishment and hydration that yields a radiant and youthful glow.

After a few nights of diligently massaging my neck with this elixir I’m also reminded of the ultimate luxury: time.  Yes, it’s limited but if you can carve out a  little bit of extra time for self care by way of massage you’ll feel exponentially better each time. In the end, taking care of your neck and decolletage with a little gua sha love is all about making yourself feel good, whether that means applying a luxurious body oil or simply taking a deep breath and enjoying the moment. Your skin – and your soul – will thank you.


The organicspa Cellular Repair Treatment is available from organicspa while stocks last.
The organicspa Cellular Repair Treatment Ritual Pack will be available online and from stockists from next week.
For a more intense treatment you can experience a signature neck and decolletage gua sha massage in salon.

Words by Sigourney Cantelo.

In Partnership with organicspa.

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