I’d seen the Beauty Boost treatment cropping up on my feed more and more, and, naturally as an incurably curious beauty lover, I was intrigued. A hybrid procedure comprising both needling and hydrating injections, it looked a little scary (there are needles involved, after all), but the subsequent glow was pretty impressive. I headed to Ageless Clinics in Bondi Junction to experience the treatment, and got the answers to all the questions you might have.

What is it?

The Beauty Boost treatment consists of a gel called Redensity 1, created by the Switzerland-based Teoxane Laboratories. The formula helps improve hydration (it’s filled with hyaluronic acid), cellular regeneration (thanks to a clever cocktail of amino acids and vitamins), and boost antioxidant levels in the skin.

The formula is injected into the skin via fine needles, which provide additional benefits associated with skin needling: needling creates microinjuries within the skin, which in turns boosts collagen production and can help refine skin texture.

Does it suit all skins and who is it best suited to?

The advantage of the Beauty Boost treatment is that hyaluronic acid benefits all skins, young or old. Our stores of intrinsic hyaluronic acid can decrease by almost two thirds with age, which leads to a more dehydrated and devolumised appearance. However, the treatment does involve needling, which can be inappropriate for highly sensitive skins or for certain skin conditions.

What’s the downtime like?

This was my face immediately after the Beauty Boost treatment: slightly swollen, with visible but painless needling marks. These dissipated after about 48 hours. You’re advised to skip makeup after the treatment, so you might want to schedule in the treatment before a quite weekend at home, or if you know you’ve got a few days back-to-back WFH.

Immediately post-treatment, my skin did look particularly hydrated but the results were most noticeable after two or three days.

How often should I have the treatment?

Teoxane recommend three consecutive Beauty Boost treatments spaced out over three weeks. Subsequently, three treatments a year is ideal to maintain results.

My thoughts…

An hour before my treatment, I applied the numbing cream I had been supplied with. I’d never used numbing cream before so hadn’t anticipated my skin going bright red (cue funny looks as I did some shopping before my treatment).

I arrived at the clinic where I was looked after by the lovely Paula Brady, a cosmetic injector with over 20 years experience. After chatting me through the treatment and what to expect, she began using the Beauty Boost gun to inject and needle. She focused particularly on the areas of my skin that need a boost of hydration: she passed twice over my smile lines and under my eyes. I’m fairly young and don’t have a lot of lines, but it’s still a treatment well-suited to my skin: it has a visually plumping effect, but I’m more interested in boosting my hydration levels and improving my overall skin health.

Is it painful?

Look, it is a little, but definitely bearable. The numbing cream subdues the pain substantially, but it still pricks. Paula was so reassuring and gentle, though, which made all the difference.

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie

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  1. March 25, 2021

    I’d be interested to know what the results of this treatment were? I’ve looked into Beauty Boost before and know it is a costly procedure so I would like to know if it is worth the cost in your honest opinion?