You know I’m a stickler for a cosmeceutical. Skincare products that are born in clinics and doctors rooms are just more potent than those dreamt up in a marketing boardroom. They’re also infused with the practical knowledge that comes from correcting countless skin complaints and nursing them back to radiance.  

The latest doctor-founded brand to pique my interest is Clear Skincare’s recently refreshed line. The clinics also have a stunning new brand identity that is being rolled out across the 80 plus clinics across Australia and New Zealand. I recently headed into their flagship location on Sydney’s Clarence Street clinic to experience it all first hand.

Clear Skincare Clinics have been around the beauty block several times over since their inception over 20 years ago. They’re known for their popular acne and pro-ageing treatments and I love their approach that skincare is a vital form of self care – not for the compliments or trying to meet an impossible beauty standard – but for self love. Amen.

After carefully inspecting my skin Maricel recommends I start a Lumixa Skin Journey alternating with the Deluxe Hydrafacial. Lumixa is an innovative new hyperpulsed light treatment which features a ground-breaking gel that’s activated by blue LED light. 

I start with the Hydrafacial, and yes, you’ve heard me talk about it before but there’s really nothing else like it in terms of getting a super deep clean, exfoliation and glow infusion all at once. Plus it preps my skin perfectly to receive the new Clear Skincare products that Maricel prescribed for me that I’ve been using since my visit. 


My verdict?

I’m very impressed. The first thing that stands out to me is the price point. Many of the products are under the $50 mark. This is at least a third of the cost of most clinic and doctor-led brands. The next thing I notice? The formulations. They’re proven active ingredients in efficacious concentrations. 

Standouts for me were the Lighten Cream which harnesses the power of 0.4% Arbutin to address hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. It feels delicious to use and leaves my face feeling juicy and fresh. The Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ was also a joy, prepping my face nicely for makeup.

I’m all for an exfoliating cleanser, especially one as nourishing and yummy as the Hydrating Gel Cleanser, that contains 1% lactic acid to help slough of dull skin cells. And when you need a bit more help in that department, the Daily Clarifying Solution containing 2% salicylic acid offers a potent yet gentle solution. This is a game-changer for my monthly chin breakouts – simply swipe it on when the hormones strike to counter excess oil production.

Finally, a special mention goes to the Moisture + Plumping Eye Gel with its lovely, cooling silver massage tip, that not only enhances application but promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces puffiness. 

Clear Skincare are onto a winner with their new range. Backed by a long heritage of caring for Aussie and NZ skins, the products are innovative and efficacious. With their moderate pricing, they’re the perfect entry point into the world of active skincare, and with the money you’ll save you might just have to treat yourself to some more in-clinic treatments. It’s a no-brainer.

Words by Sigourney Cantelo. In association with Clear Skincare Clinics

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