Whether you’re a bona fide gym bunny, or tend to clock up a less than spectacular step count on your Health app daily, making time to fit in exercise right now can only be good for you. Besides the myriad of physical health benefits, working out helps boost mood and improve general health generally – which is much needed, given the current constant deluge of bad news and the loneliness that comes with social distancing. Thankfully, fitness experts have turned to Instagram to share their knowhow with the world and have catered to seemingly everyone, no matter your exercise predilection or fitness level. Here, our edit of the videos we’re working out to at the moment.

If You’re A Yoga Lover

Founder of wellness protocol Body By Finch (as well as supplements range, Kissed Earth, which we interviewed her about here), Rachael Finch knows her stuff when it comes to health. Rachael shared her 15 minute yoga flow (designed to be repeated to meet your daily 30 minute exercise target) to her legions of followers and it’s a beauty – it’ll get your heart pumping, while still being gentle and soothing – exactly what’s needed in these crazy times.

If You Like Your Workouts Dance-Inspired

Dancing has the happy advantage of being both fun and technically counting as a workout (win, win, win), so if you like to exercise while pretending you’re not actually exercising, this dance-inspired cardio session from American trainer Aubre Winters would be perfect for you. It’s super fun – and effective.

If You’re A HIIT Addict

Can’t quit the HIIT? Psycle, the cult fitness establishment that counts Victoria Beckham and Millie Mackintosh amongst its fans, have been sharing a steady stream of routines designed for exercising at home. This Fit In 45 routine combines elements of HIIT and strength – and means you can get your sweat sesh over and done with in half an hour.

If You’re Pregnant

As their Instagram handle suggests, Knocked Up Fitness is dedicated to providing fitness advice to those both pre-and post-partum. This workout is perfect if you’re looking to get your total body fitness fix while pregnant.

If You Want Fab Glutes

Looking to strengthen your lower body in particular? This video from Barre Body’s Emma Seibold delivers a quick and effective routine you can do anywhere – with seriously good results. Repeat for maximum effect as many times as you can manage, or pair with another Barre Body workout.

If Your Pets Want To Get Involved Too

If you’ve ever tried exercising at home with a pet, you’re probably had a few incidents of being pawed for attention by your pup while perfecting your Downward Facing Dog, or having your cat jeopardise your pushups by lying down in the middle of your yoga mat. Well, PT Sohee Lee has devised the perfect pet-friendly workout routine: should appropriately-sized pugs or chihuahuas not be available, may I suggest you swap in kettlebells or weights as needed.

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Holding shot image from @sportyandrich

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