It’s one of the most ubiquitous products around, so we never imagined that eliminating hairspray (yes, hairspray!) could be the answer to taming our misbehaving tresses.

Beauticate founder, Sigourney Cantelo, sat down with celebrity hairstylist, and the founder of Iles Formula, Wendy Iles, who revealed the surprising reasons behind why she believes hairspray is officially redundant.

“Hairspray is the biggest mistake I see women making everywhere. Why? Because hair has memory, and if you use hairspray (hairdressers included), you’re hiding behind styling product,” says Wendy. “If you use hairspray and then brush it out, whatever you’ve given it in the way of shape, you’ve automatically lost.”

Wendy has a client list that reads the who’s who of celebrities – think Heidi Klum, Keira Knightley, Dianne Kruger, and Penelope Cruze, just to name a few. The beauty powerhouse has become synonymous for creating Insta-worthy hair through artistry and serious grit, minus the excessive heat and styling products.

“Hairspray also has alcohol in it, so I think it dries the hair out,” adds Wendy. “For example, if I was to put hairspray on your hair, it will have really nice movement, it would hold it, but the moment that you brush through it, or in say, three hours, it starts to get a little bit tacky.”

But never fear. Wendy has created the perfect solution – enter the Iles Formula Finishing Serum. A product she believes will single handedly save you from all your hair woes.

“It won’t make your hair stiff and crackly like hairspray. It keeps the memory of the hair, so you can easily add waves to your tresses,” says Wendy. “If you use this serum, you won’t need any other products. It protects the hair, as well being full of goodness.”

Wendy also spilled on the cut and colour her celebrity clients are currently lusting after – and it’s still all about those perfectly undone effortless waves we’ve grown to know and love.

“They continue to want that very natural looking beautiful, luxury, textured hair. They want it for their red carpets, they want it for their campaigns. A lot of my girls have got long hair anyway, and I’m sort of doing a bit of those chin bangs, and then leaving the hair long, which I love. It’s seventies, but not really classic – it’s quite new. They love the same thing, which is length, a little bit of volume, and graduation round the face.”

And when it comes to colour, Wendy says it’s all about going blonde, with many of her clients growing roots in. “This is good for maintenance,” says the hair maestro.


Interview by Sigourney Cantelo; Story by Stephanie Russo

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